29 August 2008

God in favour with me on this particular day....

28.08.2008. The day I was supposed to have my DCN open book test. Slept late the night before (27.08.08) coz went for a talk, then go mamak, then go play pool with frens. Came bk then play dota until 1am++. Got ready to sleep and set my alarm at 7.15am before going to bed. Not sure what dream I had, or if i had 1 since I couldnt remember. Maybe had a nice dream about being on a nice island, enjoying the serenity, lying down on a hammock and enjoying the time of my youth. Wait, that was the Redang trip. Well, maybe I dreamt of that.

Mmmm....nice2 dream...

Wanna go lie down on this hammock again. Missed it.

Anyways, I hoped the dream was good, coz when i woke up the next day, it was 11.08AM! Guess wat time my was my test? 10AM!!!! and it finishes at 11AM -_- I was like "SHITTT!!!! WHAT THE F***!!! Imagine me just waking up to realize Ii skipped my test coz I overslept! Never in my life would I have thought that this would happen to me, EVER! I didnt even hear my alarm ringing! I had two missed calls and 1 msg and didnt even realized it!

The 1st thing that came to my mind was the excuses i have to make up and tell my lecturer for not attending the test, that i was sick, had to get a MC later on, etc3. I quickly went to the bathroom to get my shower, and that was when I remembered that the next day there will be another test for the same subject but a different set since there are too many students, and we could choose which slot we would want to go. I was like THANK GOD!!! I never though of going to the other slot since it was Friday the next day, a day which I dont have any lectures. I was so relieved when I remebered bout that.

I went to my lab at 11.25am, 25 minutes late, and still the lab havent started, so another good news for me. Then my friends told me that the class at 8am (yes, there was class at 8-10am which I skipped too coz i overslept) was also cancelled. WOW! I was really lucky. AND they told me they didnt went to the test either, since they wanted to go the next day (they werent ready apparently as well). I was like super high, epsc since the test was open book, and a few discussions will be going on as usual. Hehe. So I guess I got a few friends to discuss with together as well tomorow. 1 of my friend said that "God is really in favour with u today" after I told what happened . And yeah, I really believe that God was in favour with me that day.

Anyways, I woke up 7AM the next day just to make sure I dont miss the same test TWICE, in a row. Haha. Couldnt really get a good sleep that night though, keep waking up scared I would miss the test. Lol. Dunno how many times I woke up in the middle of the night, once even at 5.30am as well. The test was ok, just for your information =)

24 August 2008

Another day working as a Digi Yellow Army

Last weekend was spent as a Digi YA (Yellow Army) again. Dont ask me why were called an army, dont know. Feels like were in a war zone....maybe we are... Yellow, Red, and Purple. "WHO WILL REIGN?" "WHO WILL WIN THE WAR IN THE END?" "SUBSCRIBE TO PART 1 FOR $99 ONLY". Lol. Suddenly remembered the movie, Death Race which I watched with my frens the day before. "SUBSCRIBE TO ALL 3 STAGES FOR ONLY $250!". Ok, better stop here else all of u who didnt watch it will be lost. Can ady see the question marks on the head of most of u all.

Anyways, today was my uni's Convo Fair. Digi set up a booth at the square along with lots of other shops that came from ipoh. Guess what? Right behind Digi's booth was Celcom's booth. "Then Digi and Celcom supporters started throwing rocks and cursing each other until riots broke out among Digi users and Celcom users. Maxis users were cheering them on, lighting fires everywhere....for fun." Wish i could say that and make my blog more exiting but that didn't happen. None of it; terms and conditions apply. Wonder why Maxis didnt set up any booths eh? Too strong in UTP ady I guess. In the end, it was another HOT and day in the afternoon, and rainy but busy at nite. Would have been much busier if not for the rain though.

Here are some of the more exciting things we did at Convo Fair; running around like madd ppl while carrying a BIG surfing like banner, played some fun games with the crowd and hey, even met Tun Dr. Mahathir himself. Even better, gave a Digi D'Campus flyer to his wife, Datin Siti Hasmah. Lol. Wats she gonna with it? hmmm....

Option 1: Be a uni student again, make a full body makeover making her look half a century younger, and getting a fake IC stating she's younger than 25 yrs old; just to use this plan.

Option 2: Read it and recommend to her grandchildren to get a very cheap plan coz their family is so poor.

Option 3: Pretend to be interested and throw it in the dustbin after walking 25 meters.

Pls poll in your answers. Be a good blogger and contribute to blog polls.

What is Datin Sri Hasmah gonna do with the brochure?
Make a full body makeover making her look half a century younger, getting a fake IC to use DCampus.
Read it and recommend to her grandchildren to get a very cheap plan coz their family is so poor.
Pretend to be interested and throw it in the dustbin after walking 25 meters.
All of the above and contradict urself by choosing all 3 coz u have nothing better to do.

p/s: No harm was intended in publishing this post. So all u government officials when reading this post pls do not report me or I might be detained in ISA....... terms and conditions apply.

There's that big surfing banner with some of the Yellow Armies.

Our ex-PM with Barney; as in the name of my friend, not the purple dinosour, in the background (yellow shirt with specs).

In the end, another week passed by where I felt that nothing really big happened. However, was grateful that it was not spent on staying in my room dota-ing all day long as well. Cheers =)

20 August 2008

Headache -.- Reminiscence as a teacher

Having a headache now, trying to take my mind off this pain for a while so here i am again. sometimes when im having a headache, kinda like to reminisce (think back) bout something happy.

We'll here's my experience being a Form 1 teacher during the last semester break. My 1st job and its being a teacher, wonder where that came from eh. Blood pressure straight shot up even before i went to the classroom. lol.

OK, here's the short version of it, the 1st month of my hols was spend in Ipoh, KL, and hanging out with my frens. then, my father suggested me to be a temporary teacher for 1 month before going bk to my university. Kinda hesitated at 1st, but then told myself, "wat the hell, whats the worst that could happen?" And WALAAA....got the job in a few days. p/s if ur curious as to how i got the job, my father works at Jabatan Pendidikan, so he knows a few teachers here n there.

I actually thought of going to my former sec. schoo. All i had to do was to sit in as a Japanese teacher and face student whom some i knew, teaching them nthg, coz i dont know Jap at all. Imagine me, a Chindian (chinese + indian) going to a classroom, sitting in as a Japanese languange.... Now i feel more weird, not knowing Mandarin, Tamil, and now Japanese as well. (sigh)...

Thats not the most frightening part tho, imagine me walking to my desk as a teacher, seeing all my former teachers, now being their collegues! OMG! Still remembering my Bio teacher, who also taught me Science in Form3. The 1st day of my Form5 when i entered her class, she ady pointed me out from the rest coz i was always lazy to do my portfolio when i was in Form 3, and my handwriting i quote her "Macam cakar ayam".... -_- well, lets not divert from the story here. In the end, i decided not to go to my former school.

Instead, i went to this 1 school, SMK P**** J*** a.k.a Pusat Jenayah to some of the teachers and students there. Lets say it wasn't the best school in Kuching, but it wasnt that bad as well. I was assigned to be a Maths Form 1 teacher. SOOOO relieved..... Much more prefer Maths than any other subj to be taught, much3x more easier.

The first class i entered was noisy.... and thats about it. the student were... Form 1. So their a bit playful at times, espc with a younger and more innocent looking teacher like me (ehem2). The other classes were almost the same, some better, some a bit more noisier. I had pity for some of the Chinese students there, since they could neither understand English nor Malay. They can understand a lil bit of Malay, but not much. I usually explain in both languages, but since i cant explain in Chinese, we'll i hope they understand numbers and examples. The others were quite ok, some knew English and/or Malay.

The first few days with the teachers were quite awkward but then..... when i started talking to some of the younger teachers, i found out they were there as replacement teachers only, just their stay was a bit more longer, 6 months or more, while waiting for another job. Then i knew their wild side. Didnt knew teachers went CLUBBING! The next week ady went clubbing with a couple of them. The next week ady went clubbing with a couple of them. Didnt know how difficult it was to go out clubbing when ur a teacher, imagine running into a student at the club! LOL! Anyways, go clubbing just to chill out and relax la, nthg much oso.

At Victoria's Arm

Apart from that, they were pretty nice people and the students seem to like them as well. Got to know more of the teachers later on as well. Really had some great times with them, went bowling a few times, went makan-makan when we could, they even had a BBQ on the last day i before i went back to UTP.BBQ Day =)

Last day at school was a mixture of feelings. Happy that my BP will drop, and sad to know that i most probably wont see these kids anymore. Even had a picture session with my last class =) Btw, feels weird being called 'Cikgu Jason'. Still does...

Angeline (middle), Khiun Ni (Right), forgot the right one...sorry -_- but still remember u k? hehe

I think all the guys shy or wanna control, dont want to pose in the pic. Lol.

Thanks to Cornniella for this gift. Guessing its a graduation hat. Even got letter in the pink thing down there. Very creative =) She's the one holding the big postcard in the pic above.

We'll, many things happened during the hols, this was only a part of it. And my headache is almost gone!!! Thanx to blogging and a couple of Panadols =P

16 August 2008

My 1st post!!! 3 thing abt UTP I like the most.

Finally after such a long time of hesitation and persuasion from some of my frens, i decided to try blogging. I'm crossing my fingers in hoping that this will make me dota less and not make me waste more time instead. Those of u who knows me, I'm sure u know what I'm talking abt.
For those of who who doesnt know me yet, hopefully what i write will gv u all a glimpse of who i am.

To start off, im gonna talk abt the 3 things in UTP i like the most (been thinking of what to write as my 1st post for quite some time ady). Lets begin then.

And the NO. 1 spot goes to..... Friends!
I guess u cant live without frens no matter where u are right. LOVE all my frens here in UTP, very grateful to have them. taught me quite some mandarin, owez go mamak or eat, doing timetables for me every beggining of the sem (smirk :P) , playing dota together, gay-ing it out together coz terribly lacking of girls in in UTP (terms and conditions applied), and etc2. Sorry cant name all of u in here, scared later i miss out 1 then i'll hit my head hard and have to edit this again and again for all of u that i forgot to mention in here. Wish the times spent with them will never end (that sounds so gay....) LOL.

OK, the NO. 2 spot will be awarded to .... UTP's TOILET!
Warning: This award only goes to the toilets in the ACADEMIC BLOCKS.

For those of u not from UTP, academic blocks are the new ones that was built where students have most of their lectures. Its super nice and can even beat most of the hotel toilets that I've been to. everytime i enter, just feel like staying in there and enjoying the silence and peacefulness from the boring lectures. Nicely ventilated and doesnt smell at all. Let me get some pics for u all when im free, and if u really wana judge for urself, come n see it if ur coming to UTP. p/s Chancellor Hall's toilets are the best!

Lucky NO. 3 goes to... DoTA! like most of u guys out there, DoTA plays a very important aspect in our lives and also in making our cpga's lower. In UTP, each block have their own BNet server and games are always there, espc in Village 5. Yup, hopefully this blog will make me play less, coz if i dont, and i still blog...lets say it wont be good for me. haha.

Thats all folks. hope to find more time for more posts in the future. =)