16 September 2008

Say No!.....to Dating???

Yup, the Ramadhan month is here now, and some of us are enjoying the variety of food that is available during the evening, and even more complaining the lack of food for breakfast n lunch. The usual thing in UTP, recurring all over again. However, I found something new this time:

Found this poster up on notice boards, and at a few places apparently. Sorry bout the low quality pic, since my phone cam is only 2MB. Anyways, if u cant read, it says:
"STOP! You are under 24/7 surveillance. All of your good and bad deeds will be recorded. Fasting Does Not Mean ONLY To Refrain From: Swearing, Eating and Drinking, Smoking. You also need to refrain from Dating."

I found the poster quite unique and capturing, wished more posters were able to capture my attention like this one. However, it got me to start wondering.......This poster says that we should also refrain from dating while fasting. Does it then mean:

1. We can date after we breaking fast around 7.25pm?
2. We can date anytime else as long as we're not fasting?
3. We can actually D-A-T-E in UTP???

Maybe thats the reason I'm seeing more and more couples breaking fast together, since that time they can date again, and WALAA....two in 1, can date and break fast together as well. I think Im starting to understand UTP more and more.

Eh, if like that, then is Valentines Day considered fasting as well? 'Cause I remembered people patrolling UTP area at night on last Valentines trying to 'shoo' couples from dating. If they're not fasting then dating shud be allowed then right? Hmmm.... Maybe thats why more and more of UTPians are getting cars, because they're being 'shoo-ed' to Ipoh on events like this. Wonder if that will be helpful in the end? Yup yup, understanding UTP more and more now.

Hmmm..... I realized that this poster was also not stamped by JPSP or any such department, so I'm assuming the management doesn't know anything about this poster (p/s any posters and such needs to be verified and stamped before being put up in UTP).

Looking forward to understanding my uni more in the future. Wonder what will be next? NO to DOTA as well during fasting?

I actually think that's a better idea and much more beneficial than the current one. lol.

(p/s: all that is written here is about the poster ONLY and no ill meaning on the month of Ramadhan. Hope no one misinterprets my meaning.....susah betul nak blog eh)

14 September 2008


Has been a long time since I updated my blog. Been busy these past weeks with assignments and tests, will be busy for the coming week as well. Can't wait for the Raya + Midsem break which is on the 27th! Hopefully can go jalan2 more again this time. Current plan for midsem:
1) Go to uncle's house in Ipoh 1st, havent been there this sem.
2) Go S'pore with Barney.
3) Go Melacca find Jin Ming.
4) Come back to UTP and wait for the next holidays.

Seems like every sem oso the same situation, always looking forward to midsem and sem break to go jalan2 with frens. Hehe. Anyways, this is our prime time, so ENJOY WHILE U CAN! =) Hope to update this blog with sumthing better next time. Happy midsem break to all!