07 October 2008

My Midsem Break~

Finally back to campus from my holidays. Must say I had a great time again this midsem break. Came back and felt so lazy to do anything the 1st day. Finally got the motivation to blog again since I'm not in the mood to study now. To make this a short post and not make you all bored reading long posts (I know were all busy these days), I'll put my post in point system this time. These are the places I went to during the break, and a summary of the interesting things. Will try to keep it short.

2nd time there this year. Went during Chinese New Year, and now Hari Raya. Next trip maybe during Christmas (hehe~). Thx to Barney for inviting me and letting me stay at his sister's place.
  • Realized the big difference between M'sia and S'pore...again.
  • Maybe bcoz Singapore is small, thats why it's easier to govern the people there. Then again just maybe all the clever M'sians went there when the two countries separated; and the clever ones are still going there btw. Ok, I'm being too harsh. M'sia is a nice and peaceful country as well, great place to stay and enjoy life.
  • Went window shopping mostly this time, since I've been to Sentosa before this. Hey, at least this time I get to go Suntec City. Bought my new Adidas shoes there =)
My new favourite shoe. Nice eh. Looks better in real life though.
If u dont agree that its nice, keep it to urself,
I wanna enjoy it for now =P

  • Visited Esplanade again, still loving it. SOOO many CDs that can be borrow or listened to in there. Even have a piano room for anyone to go in and play the piano in there. Not to mention the many performances every now and then.
There's a CD player for people listen to the many CD collections there

  • Got to visit Clarke Quay this time (Quay is pronounced as key, not kueh). VERY nice view of the quay, since we went there at night. The night life there was not bad as well. Plan to take the boat ride the next time I go there.
  • Realized that I have some ability to take nice pics, either that or it's just easy to take nice pics in S'pore.
Nice eh =P

Johor Bahru
First time going to JB. Thx to Cally, Aaron and Cally's Mom especially for bringing us around.
p/s: Cally's mom chia all the meals, very good one. Thanks alot =)

  • Went to most of the famous places, including the old palace, gardens, etc2.
  • Went around, seeing the city centre a little, and spending some time in Pelangi Shopping Mall. Spent my money in S'pore already, can't spend much in JB =(
  • First time seeing a tuition centre with guards -_-" And there were 6 of them! I thought it was a bank at first. Did I forget to mention the tuition has 4000 students? Yup. Thats like 3/4 of UTP students. Couldn't get a pic unfortunately. Maybe next time.

First time in Melacca as well. Thanks to Jin Ming for bringing us around and letting us stay at his place.
  • Since this is the 1st time I'm in Melacca, we decided to finish off all the historical places, or at least the general ones. Went to A Famosa and the places around it. Can't really remember the names of all the different sites there, just know its all around there. Walking distance.
  • The first night there and Jin Ming already brought us climb bukit in the dark. Scareeey... Nasib got two big guys accompany me up. The view up there was great though.
  • Got an interesting story from my friend about one of the statues there.
  • Realize his right hand is broken? Well, when they built the statue, the right hand was there, all nice and perfect. However, they later realized that the actual person whom they try to depict actually had a broken hand when he was alive. And WALAAA....a broken handed statue. Yup. If any of you Melaccan's read this and disagree, pls post it up to correct me =)
  • Went around Melacca, including Jonkers Street. Nice place to find unique things.
  • Jin Ming even brought us to this one place and chia Barney and me to a sausage. Not his sausage, but a real one.
Ate half way and it felt SOOO nice I just had to take this pic and post it up in my blog.
If any of you goes to Melacca, find Jin Ming and he will bring you to have this sausage as well.
Make sure to thank him later for introducing it to you, and maybe even me for promoting it.

OK, tried to keep this one short. Thats about it, and now I'm back to UTP. SIGH~ Bye everyone, gotta continue my assignments.

"I have made this post longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter."
- Blaise Pascal