30 November 2008


HOLIDAYS is here!!! =)

22 November 2008

1 more paper....just 1 more...

Yup, 1 more paper left, on the 26th of Nov. This semester's timetable sucks, terribly. 5 papers in 7 days, then left 1 more paper.....after 9 days. Ain't life wonderful. Gives you the chance to enjoy and relax in your uni before taking your last paper and going bk home afterwards....trust me, I'm trying to bevery positive here.

Just 1 more paper....

1 more....

Then I'm back to Kuching.... of course, not before doing these MUST DO stuff everytime wanna go bk home.

~packing up,
~going to my uncle's place a few days, (compulsory to 'show face'. very nice people)
~taking a bus ride to KLIA, (maybe to KL, then only to KLIA after spending the night there)
~checking in my luggage,
~checking in myself,
~boarding the airplane,
~taking-off and landing,
~going through immigration,
~waiting for my luggage at the terminal,
~taking that nice short walk to the gate with the big 'EXIT' sign,
~and FINALLY.....home sweet home...

very mafan right? staying overseas. sometimes get jealous of my friend who say "wanna go back ady", then take a few hours ride back home. Sigh. Owh well, for now, lets keep in focus....1 more paper...1 more....

05 November 2008

My best friend during exams: BOSS Coffee

Just thought I'd like to introduce you all to my best friend during study and exam weeks.

BOSS; keeps you awake throughout the day.
(Nescafe in the background, coz doesn't taste as nice)

Yeah, kinda lame, but I'm damn bored now so I'm actually gonna blog about the coffee I drink these days. Those who always have lunch at Onn Fatt with me will know how much I drink coffee these days, since I usually buy my stock at the shop beside Onn Fatt.

Bought 7 cans of Boss this afternoon (only 6 cans in the pic coz 1 of the can is in the fridge) and shocked my friends who saw me. Vaguely remembered hearing one of them saying "You never heard of water before ar?" LOL. Owh, and when I got back, the same person sent me this msg through gtalk (directly cut and paste for information integrity) :

"Studies showns that the more caffeine intake
the more damage is done to your sex system

Praying its not true -__-"

02 November 2008

My Best Friend's Girl review. (Study week is here!)

My study week is finally here. Sigh~~~~~~~~~ (a VERY long sigh). Been some time since I've updated my blog, really dont have much time to blog these days. Just wanna post sumthing here to make sure my loyal readers dont gv up on my blog (assuming a couple of ppl still visits my blog every week or so).

It's 3am now, celebrated my friends bday just now (Happy bday Xiao Min!!!) and just got back from watching My Best Friend's Girl. It's kinda nice movie, but the sad part about it is that there is TOO MANY CUT SCENES!

I understand they put an 18PL sign at the movie, so why on earth do you want to censor SOOO MANY SCENES?! I mean, if they didn't put the 18PL sign, then the censorship would be understandable. But since it's already and 18PL movie, DONT FREAKING CENSOR IT NO MORE! People understand what 18PL stands for, which is basically above a movie suitable for people 18yrs and above (no one really cares what PL stands for, I don't). I'm assuming that they know what they shud be expecting and for those parents who still bring their kids to these kinds of movies, let them take their chances. It's really annoying to see a movie u paid 9 bucks for and can't even understand what the dialog is about. Trust me, I'm not exaggerating. I wish I am, I'M NOT.

To keep it short, my recommendation to you all is that if you wanna watch this movie, don't watch it in the cinema. It really spoils the movie and the funny parts are lost.

My recommendation to Malaysian Censorship Board (if there really is such a thing) is that whenever you decide to let a movie into Malaysia, and put it an 18XX rated movie, don't censor it too much. If its not 18XX, then you can censor it (still in an appropriate amount though). I dont want to waste RM9.00 on a good quality movie which I can't even understand what the actors and actresses are trying to say. Espc when them main part that makes the movie funny is the dialog. Owh well, thank God there's DC++ in my uni, just waiting for it to to be uploaded and I'll watch it all over again, with the dialogs this time around.

Goodnite and wish me all the best in my finals. God bless...(me). And you all too =p