30 December 2008


yup, I'm sick, and I hate the feeling of it. When ever I get sick, I'll pass a few stages which are
1st stage: sore throat
2nd stage: flu
3rd stage: can't sleep at nite, too cold and hot at the same time, terrible feeling.
4th stage: gets worse...
5th: getting all better very fast.

I'm now in the 3-4th stage, so hopefully I'll be back on my feet in......less than 48hours b4 leaving for cameron...again...(this would be the fourth time up there d).

Can't really do much now, so here I am, blogging about my not-so-fun but still not-so-bad holidays again.

Owh ya, will be back in UTP on the 4th, so any1 else will be there by then, besides the ones i ady know of, pls gv me a call. at least can lepak together.

23 December 2008

Christmas Musical at UNITEN

Went to UNITEN for a couple of days, spent it at my uncle's house (he's staying in UNITEN). FYI he's the councellor for the Christian association there, P.P Abraham. Got the opportunity to watch UNITEN's Christmas Musical which was done by the christian fellowship in UNITEN...


It tells the birth of Jesus Christ in short. But it was done in such a manner that anyone, not only Christians was able to go there and watch the play.

Trust me when I say I'm not exaggerating. It was really superb. The play was done to collect donations for the homeless kids in STEPPING STONES. There were scenes that made u laugh and some even almost brought tears to my stone cold heart which some of my friends says contain no feeling whatsoever. I must really applaud the team that helped contribute to the creation of that play. If some of you guys are reading it now, congrats! Great work! =)

The next morn, I got a few extra info from my uncle about the fellowship and the play (correct me if I'm wrong, if any of u from the play are reading this):
  1. The total cost of the production amounted to RM12k!!! (the renting of equipments was around RM6k)
  2. The total number of students that came for the musical was around 1000!
  3. There were even Muslims, in their tudung and all that came to watch the musical!
  4. There are actually Muslim, Hindu and Christian Associations in UNITEN, all endorsed by the management! Whoa..... Imagine that in UTP. lol
  5. The management actually contributed RM4k towards the play, as well as give their support and help oversee the play. The hall, which was quite big and not given to ANY other clubs in UNITEN for use was given especially for this play, since the number of people attending this play was increasing each year.

It got me to wonder if UTP will ever be like that one day. At least integration is actually happening in UNITEN, wish it will be incorporated in UTP as well. To actually see Christians go to Muslims events and vice versa as a sign of support to each other, I never thought I would see that in UNITEN. Oh how I wish all universities in M'sia is like this.
Owh well, I guess thats all I'm gonna share for now. If any of you have a copy of the musical play, pls pass it to me, wanna keep it as memory =)

p/s: sorry for the no pics post again. forgot to take pics.