16 February 2009

update - Kampar

been really lazy to update my blog these days. but since got requests to update, i'll just mention a few things i did since the last time i blogged.

went to genting last 2 week with a couple of frens and more than a couple of lovebirds. lol. quite ok since i didnt really know what i was doing there oso actually. played that spiderman ride for the 1st time. as some of u ady know, im REALLY afraid of heights, but im trying my best to be a 'Yes Man' and say yes to most things. very nice ride tho i was screaming thru most of it. yup, and im not embarassed to admit. at least i had enuf guts to try it out. (p/s i tried space shot ady 2 years ago)

erm, for V-day, no1 to celeb with, so me, Peow, Jin Ming, Jia Haur and Jing Zhi went to Gua Tempurung, then with the help of Weng Ban, went and played at Kampar Waterfall (damn shiok), went and tried the Chicken Bread a.k.a Mian Bao Ji famous at Kampar there (very nice... espc the curry bread).

enjoying at Kampar Waterfall. thx to Weng Ban for showing us the road there
and taking this pic =)

After that, went to Cheong 'K' or karaoke at Jusco. Really admire Jia Haur for being able to sing for 3 hours non stop. That was the end of the day for us, too tired to do anything else after that.

Well, nthg much to add, thats most of it anyways. And since I'm counting the number of times I went to Ipoh since coming back to UTP, yesterday was the 9th. went and visit Barney at GH, just to check up on him, then go shopping and eat Baskin Robbins in Jusco.

ok, thats all. sorry for all the shirt forms and inconsistency in spelling, tired and lazy (as usual).
hope to write a more interesting and funny post next time.