13 April 2009

FINALLY!!! (Great Food)

YESSS!!! Finally I can go blogger.com using my uni's lan once more. So many things happened since I last updated my blog. Well, too much. It's now 2 weeks before my study week, and its sorta hectic here with all the assignment datelines and tests coming up. For now, I wanna blog bout the great FOOD I had this past week.

Last (Last) Sunday, went F1 with frens --> too tired to go back, so stay 1 nite at KL at Grand Pacific Hotel... -__-" soo... the next day still at KL, it was Monday, sp decided to skip all classes n enjoy at KL since we're already there. Ate ALOT

Breakfast --> Breakfast Buffet at the hotel. Super FULL!
Lunch --> Seoul Garden. FREAKIN' FULL
Dinner --> TGI Fridays. speechlesssss

After that day, everytime I eat it seems I want to eat more. Like my stomach has an extra compartment added to it.

Tuesday, we scaled down abit... Go Batu Gajah there.
--> Claypot Chicken Rice.
Was nice, but preferred the one at Bercham. =p

Wednesday went down to Ipoh to take my laptop back (thx Jin Ming), and ate at Ipoh.
--> Fish Head Curry at Bercham.
Very nice... the name of the shop even mentioned it is Specialized in Fish Head Curry. Mmm..... (wanted to eat the Bercham Claypot, but was closed. Next time la)

Thursday. Still having a hard time deciding wat to eat... So we decided to try the K-Kai Corner, near the driving school before the bridge heading to Ipoh. When we reach there... we got to know its buffet style again.
--> K-Kai Corner.
VERY NICE! Much better than Seoul Garden! AND CHEAPER! RM19.90 only, without and service charger =p Got alot of things to choose from, and it's really worth it. (planning to go down this Wed again, after my test. hehe. got 20% discount this time)

Friday. Me and a couple of frens didn't go Eupho this time around, so we went down Ipoh again to eat dinner.
--> (dunno wat name restaurant. lol. but its somewhere near Ipoh Parade) But this time, it was VERY CHEAP! One person avg only paid RM2.50 for the meal. Shocked to hear how cheap it was, since the other meals all MUCH more exp. It was a nice meal. Noodles and the Yong Tau Fu style.

Saturday, nthg special that i can remember about...

Sunday (yesterday), went to Batu Gajah tried another place. Ordered very heavy dishes again... including
--> (Batu Gajah again) Ostrich meat. My first time actually. Tastes quite soft n tender. I think its the way they cook it. Meal altogether amounted to RM16 per person each. Another heavy on the wallet meal.

Realized I have been eating great food these days. And whenever want to go out to eat, its getting harder and harder to decide where to eat. Sigh. I WANT SAVE MONEY FOR INTERN AR!!!! LOL. But still wanna eat more nice food =p

p/s: sorry for not taking pics. too engrossed in the food.

K-Kai again this Wed??? How bout today? Any1 got nice recommendation on where to eat?