28 June 2009

My 21st Birthday~

So for those of you who doesn't know, my birthday was last Friday, 26th June. For the past 20 years of my life, all my birthdays were celebrated back at my hometown Kuching, mostly with my family member and friends back there. This time around, I'm having my internship at KL, so for the 1st time in my life, couldn't go back to celebrate my birthday with my family =(

Instead, planned to celebrate with a few of my friends here in KL. Didn't really planned actually, since I'm not really a planner, so just asked a few friends out to watch a movie together. Heck, I know it's my 21st birthday, but I'm not much of popular person and dont really wanna go
clubbing and get wasted on my birthday.

My few of my friends on the other hand decided to give me a surprise; to which I now wish I wore more clothes when I go to bed next time.

I decided to go to bed early on 25th June (Thursday), since I still have to work the following day. Was REALLY tired after going jogging, and around 9.45pm, went straight to bed. Owh, comfy and soft bed...

Events that followed that night:
(Time is relative and inaccurate as I was in sleeping mode mostly)


Still Sleeping...

Friends barging into my room and shouting and singing Happy Birthday to me with a cake while I was busy covering myself up with my blanket after I got over the initial shock of seeing my UTP friends in my room.

Friends taking pic of me in my bed while I was looking dazed (and truthfully, amazed and
surprised). No, not gonna post those pics of my half naked here. Sorry, but that is for me to keep. Hopefully one of them doesn't upload it into their blogs.

Finally leaving my room and telling me to get dressed. Telling me to get up and into the kitchen, birthday cake waiting to be cut. Getting up slowly and still looking very blur. Wore my shirt and went out. Should have arranged my hair and looked into the mirror, but still too dazed.

Went to out looking like a caveman who just woke up from a deep winter slumber. My friends waiting for me. Wah, really felt touched at this point.

I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on.

My birthday cake. Tiramisu if not mistaken.

Cutting cake.
My housemates in the background who helped my friends to enter.
Still shy at the back, dont dare join us.

Great friends. From left to right:
Jia Haur, Hooi Yee, Jing Zhi, Mei Fang, Peow.
Realized that none of my friends here are from KL.
Penang, Pangkor, Kuching, Bintulu an Terengganu frens =)

Another pic
Mei Fang taking our pic =)

Talked and talked until my housemates went to sleep. Then we continued to talk some more. Found out they were around the area for 2 hours already waiting for the time to come to my room. Lepak-ing at Jia Haurs house in the mean time. I think we chatted until around 1.30am or somewhere there. Most of us have to go work tomorrow, so praying that we were all still able to wake up the next morning. Jia Haur had to send Hooi Yee and
Jing Zhi back as they didnt stay in walking distance. Thanks Jia Haur. Peow who came all the way from his grandmother's house near Bukit Jalil stayed over with me for the weekend. So after Jia Haur, Hooi Yee and Jing Zhi left, I and Peow which still couldn't sleep continue our chat and we slept around 2.30am.

Next Morning

Went to work in very sleepily. Should have taken a pic of myself this time around.

Found this note at my workstation when I reached work.
They argued that they worked on in all night long............

After work, watched movie with Peow, Dyla, Pnut, and Aini. Sorry, forgot to take pics.
I will never watch another horror movie on my birthday again. Drag Me to Hell made me look like a coward on my bday. LOL.

Went to Nandos after the movie. Thanks to Dyla for the me Nandos =)
Spend some time chatting and laughing at Nandos while getting to know each other more.

Again, thanks to all that made my humble birthday special to me. Dont really need a big event or party to make my bday a special and memorable one. A few friends and wishes from clsoe ones are all I need. Thanks alot Jia Haur, Jing Zhi, Peow, Hooi Yee, Sopek, Somepet, Dyla, Pnut, Aini and my other friends that made my day.

This post is dedicated to them.

21 June 2009

Home on a Sunday evening...

Here I am again, with my blogging mood back and running. Might as well blog b4 it runs out. Not like Im going out anywhere today.

Gonna blog about 5 random stuff that crosses my mind now. Sorry for the lack of discipline in arranging my thoughts before blogging. Maybe thats just how I blog.

Number 1
I'm sure most of u notice that in my blog, I dont really talk much about intelligent stuff. Not like there's not enough things to argue about, just that I dont think it's wise to argue alone, I prefer face2face arguments. And 'No', I dont like to argue, although it can be fun at times. Another reason I dont like to talk bout inteligent stuff on my blog is that its pretty much boring, full stop. I'm sure none of u care or want to know what I think on the current political issues, world economies, or watever shit that comes our way. BBC.com is a better source to get your information right, not me.

Number 2
I realize how much I miss Kuching. For the first time I might not be going back to Kuching for 1 and a half year. Suddenly feel a lil home sick. Although my drive to gain experience is much higher still, there is that feeling of going back home. Miss the food there, the people, the culture there definately.

Number 3
Owh ya, I realized that as students, we have LONG holidays to enjoy, although it comes with the added stress from studying especially in the final weeks of the semester. U really dont have such long holidays once u start working. I'm already missing the 2 months holiday which I will never see again once I start working. Unless of course I become a bum and an unemployed.

Number 4
I've become less sarcastic these days, especially in my blogging. Use to have so much sarcasm thrown here and there in the past. Unsure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. Have to weight between making people laugh and hurting someone unintentionally. Then again I could make sarcasms on myself, but that would only make me look like a fool. Is it me growing up and being more mature, or am I being more dull. Thinking... help me out. More sarcasm or not?

Number 5
Virus infected my external harddisk. All my movies, games, series, anime; ALL GONE~
Bye bye bye....

Done. Thats all.

16 June 2009

Office life~

Ever been in a situation where something really interesting happened to u but u cant blog abt it? This would be my first, or at least the biggest one so far. Damn u Secrecy Agreement. Owh well, at least I wont get fired or sued like others who could not control their fingers from typing out sensitive yet interesting happenings in their workplace. Aaaaarrrghhhh!!!!

What I could share with u all tho (which is obviously less interesting) is about my current determination. Gym everyday for at least 20 mins. It should be enough for a start. Before going off for intern, told my (ex)roomate I would come back to UTP with a 6-pack, and he said I would come back with a 3-pack. Use ur imagination on what a 3-pack is. So, to increase my determination to lose weight and get that 6-pack, I'm gonna blog about it so that I will have something to dread about if I go back to UTP and get fatter. At the very least I wont gain any more weight. So aim high, and the very least, u'll avoid bad. Whatever that means.
Owh ya, my colleagues complain I didn't mention their name in my blog, so I'll go 1 step further and put their pics in here, along with my a pic of my workstation (see the Large McD Cola Cup on my table and relate it to my determination to lose weight).

Syafiq @ Somepet


My workstation

Lastly, if u realize there is now and advertisement pane on the right side ----->
I'm trying out the nuffnang ads thinggy. Please, do not feel obligated to click it. Just leave it alone if u dont wanna click it. Spoil my brown background color only.

Wish u all happy intern-ing and happy holidays for the rest of u.

12 June 2009

life in KL...

OK, finally I found the time to blog. Either no mood or too busy and tired these days. Its friday nite and I decided to stay home this time. Last week went out friday, sat and sunday; all oso spend rm50 min each time when go out. No choice, min rm50 go out 1 time ady.

Well, its now my 2nd week or intern. So far it's so good. Just got my project, and I'm loving it. Thank goodness i didnt get any database or website to create as my project. Erm, in a nutshell, gonna learn software that costs...alot... and its not fully implemented. So now I and my 2 colleagues have to learn the other parts of the sof
tware that isn't implemented and see how it can fit into the business process, and if its feasible. Dont really think I can go in depth, since I ady signed the Secrecy Agreement with my supervisor. lol. Not that i want to go in depth anymore, I guess it might not be really of interest for some of u, and its boring to most. Besides the project, I will also do some auditing, be placed in an audit with other experienced staff as well. Refer to below, to know what audit is. So read til fin ok =)

Next, MY APARTMENT! or condo. whichever 1. Not an apartment, coz its much better than the usual ones, but still not up to the standards of the high and mighty condos in KL. But its still very nice, for me at least. And EXPENSIVE. Paying
rm450 a month for this room Im staying. Totally worth it tho. Got a nice swimming pool and gym, ping pong table, and small playground for the kids.

Tooks this pic from my balcony

NEst agenda, my workplace, KLCC. In the 67th floor, Group Internal Audit. Its not auditing financial stuff, so lucky me. If u read newspapers these past few days, Im sure u will come across the word audit a few times, espc on the PKFZ or watever the issue is on. Auditing is basically digging up dirt on other depts, and find faults, to better improve the process in the long run. So, auditors are basically hated by others. I'm working in a dept that is being hated by others. But its nice, knowing that there is alot of dirt, even in some of the biggest corporations, and etc2. Cant go into detail again. And yup, I'll be doing auditing as well, or at least tagging along, and not doing the main project only.

What else? Hm.... Owh ya, great housemates. 2 girls and another guy. All oso students. The 2 girls got cook and we all eat yesterday. Not bad their cooking. The guy oso very nice and helpful. He is our house DJ,play songs for us using his

Last thing~ Miss my UTP frens. Last time go out 10 ppl at once, now when going out only me and Jia Haur, and maybe Bong. SIEN. Well, gotta make more frens and connection.
Going out with my housemates in an hour, they say wanna go clubbing.

Can't think of anything to add now. Too much happened these past few weeks. Come KL visit me yeah if got time =)