14 July 2009

Holiday Help!

Okay, so I'm torn in between going to Mount KK or getting my diving license for my nxt holiday. Jin Ming wants to get diving license, while Jia Haur thinks that going Mount KK is a better experience. Not even sure if either one happens but I just want to know what you all think. So help me out here and fill in the simple poll. Thanks alot =)

Holiday Help!


What should I do for my next holiday?

Go climb Mount KK!
Go diving and get a diving license!

Which activity do you think is more fun?

Climbing mount KK and viewing the beautiful scenery from the top~
Diving and experiencing the underwater world and its mystery 1st hand~

What would make you feel more impresses, if someone told you that they had ...

climbed Mount KK before, or
went diving and got a diving license.

Are you a guy or a girl? (Don't lie okay. Want to make some comparisons on guys vs. girls opinion)


Thanks for the time taken =)

08 July 2009

Top 5 questions people ask me as a Chindian (Chinese mix Indian). And their answers.

Okay, been thinking of posting this for some time now and was never able to bring myself to do it, due to laziness.
For reference, I look like a Malay, unlike some Chindians (Chinese mix Indians) who sometimes looks like either a Chinese or an Indian. I'm directly smack in the middle. I'm 50% Indian and 50% Chinese, I'm kind of like Kopi Susu.

So the questions are as below...

Question 1:
What is your name?
(Sometimes will be accompanied by a certain look which bascially means you have to repeat your answer for them to verify what they heard the first time)

***No matter what colour your skin is, this will always be the first question a normal human being would ask you, unless of course there are horns sticking out of ur head and and ur face looks like some kind of monster. You most probably wont get any questions at all, and instead a loud scream. Now, I'm not trying make this post lame by giving this as the girst question, but it is very important as it is highly connected to the second question.

Answer for Question 1: Jason Anderson Raj

Question 2:
What race are you?
(Also can come be in these forms, among many other variations: "You are....", "Owh, I thought you're a Malay...", and the most famous one --> the Look)

***This automatically comes after the first question, and sometimes the person does not even need to ask, they give you the Look --> O_O , which you would come to learn later on that they are trying to be polite and in their heart they are craving to ask the question above. Out of a good gesture, you usually just tell them and ease their heart.

Answer for Question 2: Indian, but as you can see, I'm mixed, with Chinese. 50-50.

Question 3:
Can you speak Chinese, or Indian?
(for crying out loud! Indian is not a language. Those are people. A whole freakin' race. Lesson 101 in People and Language: Indians are people. Tamil is a language)

***People usually have three ways to reply me once I answered this question, based on who they are:
A Chinese person: "You really should pick up Chinese, very important these days."
An Indian : "(Shakes head)... don't know your own mother tongue" --> says this while looking at me and giving another look which can only be interpreted as 'lupa daratan punya orang!', or for those who doesn't understand Malay, referring to me as a person that forgets where his origin is from.
A Malay: "What a waste...Your parents never taught you? Still young, can go pick it up."

Answer for Question 3: No, I don't speak both languages.

Question 4:
What religion are you practicing?
(Most people don't ask this question directly after the question pops into their mind, and will instead find an appropriate time to raise the question)

***Most people will not dare to ask me this question out of the blue and instead find an appropriate time; usually when food or religious practice topic comes into play. Most people regard this as a more sensitive issue in Malaysia, and do not want to offend me. I on the other hand don't give a damn and YOU can ask me whatever you want to ask.

Answer for Question 4: I'm a Christian.

Question 5:
What kind of girl do you like?
(--> referring to the girl's race, if the meaning of that question still eludes you)

***By far the most annoying question of them all. Especially since this question usually creeps up whenever I'm around relatives. My usualy answer would be "DUNNO....." (with a smirk that means 'I might know it, but you don't, and thats the way it's meant to be). My other typical answer would be that I'm going to marry some white chick far off and I will migrate there. Another famous method for my parents and relatives use to figure out the answer to this question is by asking me whether I have already have a girlfriend or not. Which they will want to know whom it is if I answered 'Yes'. Sigh...

Answer for Question 5: Dunno (smirk)..... ;-)

01 July 2009

My own edited version of a cinema-ad.

Went to a couple of movies these last few days, including Drag Me to Hell, Transformers and State of Play. What I want to blog about today has nothing to do with these movies, but about one of the most funny and creative advertisement I have ever seen in a cinema. I thought of uploading the whole video clip, but then decided that most of the people reading blogs prefer reading and seeing pictures instead. Leave video clips to YouTube. Now imagine this...

A couple having a house party, and having friends over.

Showing them around
(and so it begins)

The girl showed her friends her room...

And the best part of the house... her closet.

(Look at it!!!)

All the girls go crazy and starts screaming~

Then out of a sudden, they hear the guys from the other room screaming like girls, their voice getting louder and louder. All the girls have their curious look on their face.

The guy show his friends HIS closet.

WACHAAAAA!!! (kung fu sound that I imagined in my head)

and just like the girls, all the guys started going crazy seeing the Heineken bottles in the closet.

(still screaming like little girls)

Just look at their expressions...


Almost crying from joy

The girls looking from far, thinking "What the f*ck..."


And this is where it ends. Look at the words closely. Realise the words "Enjoy Heineken Responsibly"? Nice touch.

This is how the ad goes.

However...I have my own version based on my experience in UTP.

The girls part in the beginning should be the same.
The guys part would look something like this. Imagine guys screaming and jumping when looking at a large computer screen with this playing on it:


Gee Gee Gee Gee.. Baby Baby Baby

YOONA!!! (Mine)

Peow's Sunshine TaeYon

Gin Ming (a.k.a Jin Ming) 's Tiffany

Eddy's SooYoung
hope u get to dream of her tonite on ur bday =)

All the guys looking at computer screen and screaming (like girs)~
(with dreamy eye look especially when Yoona and Taeyon comes on)

Sigh, getting the dreamy eye once again when I start remembering them. lol.

1) The event above is fictional and only occured in my head (though it was inspired by actual incidents).

2) I was NOT paid by Heineken to do this post. I just love their creativity.

3) I was NOT paid by SNSD to do this post. Guys just love them.