27 August 2009

So I'm not Patriotic. So what?

Malaysia’s Independence Day is coming again, 31st August.

Not really feeling anything on Independence Day this year, or any other previous Independence Days I had. For me it is just another holiday and excuse for me to have some fun.

I have never had that feeling of patriotism instilled in me. But bear this in mind, I do LOVE my country, I just don’t like how it is currently run. So when the same government has been ruling the country ever since its independence until now, the government becomes synonymous with the country. For a crude and shallow thinking person like me that is.

1Malaysia is a nice catch phrase, but how far will it go? Since I’m a pessimistic person when it comes to the future of my country, which the environment around me has turned me into, I believe that catch phrase will always be a what it is, a catch phrase. Then again I am being pessimistic.

After SPM my view of Malaysia changed drastically. To see good students not getting what they deserve just because the color of their skin just pisses me off. How dare the government say that we are unpatriotic when we migrate to another country when they did not treat us fairly in the first place. You reap what u sow, bastards.

After coming to UTP, the boundary that separates us just keeps getting bigger. Most of my friends are now Chinese and Indians.

I have a lot Malay friends that I still hold close to me, but the government keeps saying things that heightens and reminds us of the differences between us to gain the majority of Malay votes and comes up with 1Malaysia to gain the rest of the votes from Non-Malays.

After 52 years or unfair treatment, and still the equity of Malays are not increasing MAYBE, just MAYBE, something is wrong somewhere.

Let me propose something here. Why don’t we help all that are unfortunate regardless of their race. Let’s give help to those to deserve it regardless of the color of their skin, instead of allocating based on quota. If indeed there are more Malays that are underprivileged, then there will be more of them that will get the help that they deserve. Compare it to the current system that allocates more help to Malays and ending up helping those rich Malays that does not deserve it.

In Malaysia, Indonesians can easily get Bumiputera status. Some Muslim friends of mine whose parents are not Malaysians but are Muslims easily got Bumiputera status. But the Chinese and Indians who have been in this country for over 50 years are still considered immigrants. Why?

Maybe I’m just not patriotic enough to begin with. Maybe we should just be stay and be loyal to the country that does not treat us fair and signifies us as ‘immigrants’ even after 52 years of independence.

After 52 years of independence and we’re still being considered as immigrants, how can I rejoice in claiming to be a Malaysian. But then again, that’s just me.

23 August 2009

You know your mother wants a grandchild when she gives you a shirt like this...

Was having dinner at KFC last Saturday when I realized that my friend was wearing this shirt...with kiwi bird pictures on it.

Can you name me all the positions?

Didn't realize what the actions of the kiwi birds are until I looked closely.

It seems my friend didn't realize that the kiwi birds on his shirt were actually performing some show.
Even more troubling was that the shirt was given to him by his MOTHER!

His mother is seriously implying something here. Either that or she didn't realize it as well when she bought it for him.

Seriously though, this is a very nice way to tell your son something, doesn't it? LOL. Hope my mother doesn't give me one of these shirts -__-"

But then again, who know's, your son might even get laid because of this shirt =)

16 August 2009

MTV World Stage! AWESOME!

THANK YOU MTV for the 4 free passes to MTVWS! Damn it was fun!

Chronological events for the day~
Met up with Amanda for lunch at KLCC first. Almost got free lunch for us as Nandos, when the paid bill with the change came but neither of us paid. We were hoping that some kind Samaritan paid for us, but it just seemed that they gave the bill and change at the wrong table. Maybe we should have just kept quiet...

Anyways, went to Sunway after that. She got Mosh Pit tickets, so went in earlier.

Met up with Jin Ming and Peow afterwards.

The Roomates

Then came Jean, while eating at Pancake House

Met up with Suraya and Sebrina for a few minutes before entering as well.

Then the kick-off begins! (First and foremost, must thank Jin Ming for bringing his cam and congratulations on sneaking it in into the concert.)

Boys Like Girls started things of beautifully. Pumped us up.

Then came Raygun.

And Pixie Lott.

Hoobastank!!! Great performance from them~
Personally, I felt it was the best performance throughout the night.

Lastly, All American Rejects brought the house down. Definitely! (Waiting for AAR pictures from Jean. Jin Ming's cam went flat after Hoobastank)

Was too thirsty by the time AAR finished. Had to leave with half of the crowd. Sorry Estranged and Kasabian T_T"

So Peow and Jin Ming ended up sleeping over at my place that night....

Overall, seriously enjoyed! Reminds me of Rainforest World Music Festival.

Some of the pictures we took during the concert =)

Jin Ming = Superman (among many other identities)

here comes Jean => Little Miss Late

Peow, me, and Jean

Resting during the break

11 August 2009

The 3 stupid stages in life

We have 3 stupid stages in life...........

Teen age:
Have Time + Energy ...but No Money

Working Age:
Have Money + Energy ...but No Time

Old age:
Have Time + Money ...but no Energy

After being an intern for 2 months already, completely agree with the statements made above. However, interns have it even worse...

Intern age:
Have Energy + No Money + No Time

RAYA go where???

06 August 2009

Just wanted to say this...


02 August 2009

RanDoM 2 + PC Fair

It's 3am in the morning and I can't sleep. I realized my blogging mood comes to me during these kind of hours. Seriously though, life's been dull. Nothing much to blog about these days.

Wasn't able to go Redang and get my scuba license with Jin Ming, Peow, Aaron and Philip due to the quarantine imposed on UTP, thus shortening the Raya break. Since I'm interning, and it's a busy period here, couldn't get holiday the holiday I needed. Sad =( Owh well, will go next time with some other people next time then. At least can get their input on how it will be like and be more prepared when I'm going (if I ever get the chance that is).

Work is tiring, but interesting. At least on my part. The only bad side to it is that I have to get up around 6.15am every morning. But once I get over that part, the rest is easy. Having a hot colleague during this audit period would help a lot in getting me to wake up in the morning, but you can't ask for everything right. =P

Went to PC Fair last Friday during the 2 hours lunch break. Luckily is in KLCC, dont need to walk so far.

Jia Haur's got his Celcom broadband already (during PC Fair), so for those of you who missed him, he'll start using his broadband this Monday.

Finally got myself another pendrive as well at PC Fair. 4gb for RM29. Hope I got it at a good price. Simply chose one and bought it. Quite lazy to look around as there were too many people in there.

The people dressed up in cute outfits and game characters were quite a sight also. @.@ Didn't get to take pictures of them as I will only be using my hp cam while others were using their DSLR to take their pictures. Malu nyer... Better keep my phone inside and google the pictures taken using the DSLR later.

Owh ya, Bong will be moving to Wangsa Maju area as well. As least that was what he said. "No man is and island" like they say. Wish him all the best in finding a place here, since he rented out his room ady -_-"

That all the updates for now. Sorry for the random topics, if I do find an interesting topic, wil surely keep it in mind for the next post.

01 August 2009


Wow, its been a long time since I updated my blog. Been quite busy with work these days unfortunately.

Just wanted to share some pictures that was emailed to me by a friend. Chosen a few of my favourites.

These are some of his 3D chalk works on the sidewalk. Wish I could draw like this.

Very talented artist. Enjoy =)