25 October 2009

Some random thoughts on food

I still remember the day I came to UTP, and the first few times I had to pay for my own food. Even RM3.50 for lunch seems a little pricey to me. Over the years, food has turned from something to keep me alive to something of enjoyment and indulgence. I'm kinda lucky I guess since I can eat anything, being a Christian. So all the more variety for me to choose from =)

Fast forward to today. Doing my intern in KLCC made me realize how cheap food outside really is. Paying a minimum of RM6 for your lunch (and this does not include drinks by the way) does make you appreciate the more affordable ones outside.

Looking at my working colleagues going to Secret Recipe, Chilli's, Roma's Pizza or some other fancy place to have their lunch makes me wonder if I will be like them one day. Even now I do go to those places, but not that often like they do.

Owh well, just as random thought as I remembered all the places I've been to for meals, and the ones I have yet to go to. Changing from being a person who "Eats to live" to "Lives to eat" does have it's costs, monetary wise especially, and getting a tummy from all those delicious food as well. Can't say I didn't enjoy all those food though, and the times when we all sat and chit chat during the meals. Some good old fashion quality time there.

Anyways, having a headache now. I'm guessing from eating too full during lunch just now. I wonder if that is even possible. Gonna take my nap now. Hopefully not a long one, else I'l be up all night later. Ciao~

21 October 2009

Langkawi Trip

OK~ Finally getting the time to sit down and blog about the trip to Langkawi.

Was hoping more people would come, but in the end only 4 went, (me, Jia Haur, Peow, and Aaron). Well, I guess the timing wasn't good or I just suck at planning. Maybe both =) Anyway, I'll never plan for holidays again, defeats the purpose of relaxing. Stress sia... now I know. heh.

I wont go into detail of all the activities or things we did, since I'm lazy. Will just highlight a few things.

The place we stay is called Malibest. Can go Google it up if you all got nothing better to do. It's right beside the Cenang beach, which is damn pretty.

Comfortable bed... too comfortable wit the aircond until sleep too much T_T

Awesome beach right?

Since it is just beside the beach, can go and play at the beach anytime, and of course see the beautiful sunset. Here's one of the picture I took just after the sunset.

I also woke up early on the last day, at dawn, just to go and see the sunrise while the other three slept. Unfortunately since the sun sets at this side of the beach, it definitely wont rise at the same side -_-"
But still, it was nice to see the sky turning from pitch black to light blue and orange slowly. Even saw fishermen using nets at the beach, catching lots of fishes. Walking on the beach on the morning is refreshing~ Although it gets pretty chilly at times!

We also went to Tasik Dayang Bunting. Legend has it that if u can't get pregnant, bath in this lake and it will enable you to get pregnant. How true it is, I'm not sure. Maybe some of you can go test it out for us. Owh, only applicable for ladies by the way... so guys, sorry, but no can do. Still....since the four of us are scared of testing out this myth ourselves and whether it works on guys or not, we decided to go paddling only, instead of swimming in it. Later get baby bump sure freak out even though it is only fat. lol.

Happy couple~

After the paddling, we let some fishes bite our legs at the Tasik there as well. VERY GELI!!! And the fish was SLIMY!!! Well I'm ticklish, so I can't help it. After that we went to see the Eagle Feeding. Couldn't take any clear pictures though. Then there was Pulau Beras Basah. Went there and took a lot of pictures of pretty girls ourselves. Camwhored a lot. Just like the one below.

The beautiful girls boy

Also, decided to go and explore Langkawi on our own, thus rented a car. Of course, since it is manual, I became the designated driver. Used this car to go shopping and find food in town.

The Iswara that we rented

We wanted to go up using the cable car as well, but after reaching there early in the morning and waiting for like and hour, the counter person told us that the platform is closed because it was too cloudy up there. So, we decided not to go. Instead, played around with the deers, rabbits and monkeys.

Aaron thinking in his head "How shall we cook you today? Black pepper or with ginger?"

Aaron thinking in his head "How shall we cook you today? Stew or braised?"

Ok, just kidding. Aaron don't eat these cute animals....I think. I do. At least eaten deer before la.Rabbit never (yet). Although that thought never occured to me when I was feeding the deer and rabbit. Damn geli eh when the deers lick and eat the food from your hand. It was a first for me though, so consider worth it driving all the way there.

Our last stop was at Telaga Tujuh waterfall. VERY BEAUTIFUL! Seriously. One of the nicer pictures below.

Not forgetting the happy shoppers who got great discounts and prices on their Nike jacket and shoes. Seriously didn't know Nike and Adidas there cheaper as well. Another reason to go Langkawi.

Ok, this was just some of it. Pictures of food, the camwhore pictures, driving around Langkawi, shopping for chocolates, other activities and all can be seen at my Facebook. Lazy to upload them all over again. Of course, this was not all that we did, but then to go into detail would be too much of a hard work for me. I prefer to let the pictures do the talking. So see the pictures yourself over HERE!

15 October 2009


Off to Langkawi~

Hopefully will have a nice time there. See you all on Monday I guess.

10 October 2009

A story of a girl who wanted to blog...

This is a story, a real story, of a girl wanted to blog.

So she created her blog. She wrote her 1st post and published it. The next day she wanted to visit her blog again... BUT SHE FORGET HER URL... and even her password for blogger.

She typed in the keywords to her post and Googled it, to no avail. So she re-typed one whole paragraph of her post in the search box but still couldn't locate back her blog.

So she created a new blog with a new URL.

This is the story of a girl. I am not going to say who this girl is. But she is a girl, my coursemate, and Chinese. She is also not Ng Li Li. Those of you who wants to visit her blog, this is her new url --> www.herecomesmeifang.blogspot.com. If you still do not know who this girl is, you can all go kill yourself.

Good day.

08 October 2009

The encounter. I wish this was just a dream.

It was 11.50pm yesterday night. I was tired and sleepy, slowly getting ready for bed, shutting down my laptop. As the screen of my laptop goes off, I looked into the mirror of my dressing table, which happens to be where my laptop rests on. And there he was, standing beside the window, waiting for me to realize his presence. My nemesis, my mortal enemy.

I quickly turned around and faced him. His eyes becoming more sharp and intense now that he knows that I am aware of his presence. My heart raced, making me aware of each slight movement he made, every twitch, every movement of muscle which even he might not have realized. I have always passed by him and his friends back in UTP, but I didn't know he would follow me all the way back here. And here I am, faced to faced with him again after so long.

I scouted the area in search of his friends, but it seems he came alone. A slight relief came about knowing the fact that I will only need to deal with him and him alone. My mind raced, thinking of any objects that I could use as weapons if it comes down to it. The best I could do, and did, was to rush out of my room without taking my eyes of him from my back. He didn't follow me. I grabbed a long stick, with the intent of facing him. It was the best I could find in such a short amount of time. I slowly walked back.... and there he was, in the exact same position I first saw him moments ago. He became more wary of me, slowly backing up a little bit. I know what I have in my hand was just for show and to scare him off, hopefully without any tragedy occurring before that. After a few seconds of us staring at each other, which felt like a lifetime for me, he become braver. I know he could smell fear in me, with me dripping in sweat now. He waited for me to make the first move, but I know I dared not. I even thought of going in the hallway and calling for help, but I knew people would just brush me off, thinking that I was making some joke.

It was then that I recalled what I used to do, way back when I was a little child, whenever I see him. Yes, he has been with me a long time....longer than I wished.

I backed up once more, leaving the stick on floor. Indicating to him I do not want any confrontation this time around. I ran out from my place, running towards the elevator. I keep looking back anticipating for him to follow me, but no signs of him were present outside of my room. As soon as the doors of the elevator opened, I quickly stepped in, feeling more secure in that confined place. However weird that may sound.

I went to the shop which was as the ground floor of my condo. Relief poured in when I was another human, whichever country they may be from (okay, sorry for the mean joke). It search for that item which I used back at Kuching, praying that it was sold there as well. The moment I laid eyes on it, I know I was saved. I took it in my hands and paid the cashier, never letting go of it. I was blinded with the feeling of security. But I know, it was far from over. I went back up, hoping to encounter him for the last time, for tonight at least.

I opened the door of my room, hoping he went away without leaving any trace that he was there in the first place. He was still there. The slight creek from the door made him aware of me once more. He was waiting for me. It seems he got comfortable in my room, pacing around waiting for me to return. I have always wondered if he could read my thoughts. Never have I had this feeling with anyone else.

The moment he realized that I was holding it, he stepped back. As fearful as I was of him, he was even more scared of me now. My heart raced at the thought of doing what I was going to do. I took and step forward, and he took one back. Another step forward...and he backed up a few more. I raised it near to him before he could escape, and showered him with it. He knew it was too late for him, but he tried to run, to no avail. I will not let him go away this time, not like all the times back in my university. He came all the way to find me, and I knew it had to stop here.

The final few seconds of him life, watching him struggling, never brought any pain to me. As terrible as it may sound, he has been in my life longer than I like. But I know, he will be back. He never really dies. That old friend of mine, that will always haunt me. That dead cockroach.

My nemesis, my mortal enemy.

But now that I have it once more, I do not need to be afraid, not at least as afraid as I was. All thanks to you.....

Ridsect Cockroach Killer!!!

After 5 months then only see it again. Hoping it will be another 5 months before I see it once more. Damn I better close my windows next time. 11th floor also can come up!

p/s: will blog about Jia Haur's bday when I get the pictures.

01 October 2009

Pasar Malam at Sri Rampai

Had a great weekend last week, had some catch up and laugh with some friends who came back for Raya break. Had one at Midvalley which Fang Xuan blogged about here (which was before I went back to Kuching) and another one after I came back, in which Hooi Yee blogged about it here and here. Wouldn't want to repeat the same story twice, so just go there to read about it. Barney also came a couple of times, but unfortunately didn't take any pictures since I don't have any cam. Seems Barney is starting to like BRJ's nasi lemak ayam already.

Anyway, haven't gone to the Pasar Malam in Sri Rampai in a while already. The first and last time we went there was around 3-4 months ago when Hooi Yee introduced us all there.

Unfortunately didn't took picture of the environment there, as there were too many people all crushing each other trying to squeeze through. Well. maybe not that crowded, but you get the picture.

Anyway, had fun looking at all the food available. Tempted to buy them all, but surely can't finish it later. Seriously got a lot of things and FOOD there. Well, these are some that we (me, Jia Haur and Bong) bought:

Jia Haur's Cheese Cake and Pandan Cake

My own Mango, Blueberry and Chocolate Cheese cake.
Planning to eat it slowly tomorrow and during the weekend =)

Erm, let me see if I remember this. Taiwan Popiah Vege Seaweed Salad Roll?
Can't really remember, but it's something like that. Really nice.

Mat Tou Yau. Sweet but refreshing.

Bong's fried popiah and steamed dumpling

My favourite Takoyaki. Octopus inside.

After walking around buying food, found a place to eat and order more food from that stall. All in all, a very filling dinner again. Got a few more food which I didn't took picture though. Even Jia Haur and Bong both tapao their food since even they cannot finish it all.

FULL~ And I ask myself why can't I lose weight....