26 November 2009

My first Chocolate Fondue! And Chilli's!

Met Vern yesterday afternoon at KLCC (slacking off from work after lunch). Went to Chocz at KLCC. There are a lot of these kinds of cafe at each floor of Suria KLCC, at both ends of the building. Since I never had any fondue before... (Yeah, I know I'm quite late in getting my 1st fondue), we ordered one. Never was a big chocolate fan, but decided to give it a try. And walaa....

Chocolate Fondue at Chocz Kafe.

When it came, I was like "whoaa..." With warm melted chocolate at the top, and fire below, surrounded with strawberries, kiwi, green apples, red apples, bananas, dried prunes and most importantly marshmellows!

Suddenly I remembered why I like to try new things everywhere I go, just to have this expression on my face and thats say "Why haven't I tried this sooner??"

The 1st taste was the best, seriously. Took the long pointy stick and poked that strawberry and dipped it in the melted chocolate. MMMmmmMMMmm.... The chocolate was very rich, and tasty! After 30 minutes... me and Vern both agreed that this portion isn't for two, at least three or four people. Anyway, we were able to almost finish it while chatting and me slacking off until 4.15pm. Bid Vern farewell after that and went back to work...until 5pm.

Owh, at 5pm (which is like 45 minutes after the fondue) me, Duke and Sumathi went Chilli's. Decided to hang out since this Friday is Duke's birthday, and he wont me here. Each had drinks and we ordered Triple Play, which we shared. It was seriously delicious, especially the one that looks like clams, but isnt. Weird. Halfway through, then only I realize I forgot to take a picture, so that will explain the lack of pictures here.

Then we went jalan-jalan, walk around without direction, go to park, chit chat and all. Sigh, the life of aimless and bored people. Now that the word bored came up... thinking of UTP once more. Heck, at least I can save some money there~

20 November 2009

Conversation of the day #1

Backdrop of the conversation, on 20th November 2009:

Me, Bong (a guy) and Jia Haur (another guy) walking at KLCC. Bong explaining he might go to Ipoh tonight to celebrate Yuan Wen's birthday. Then he mentioned about Yoke Mun, telling him to ask Jia Haur to drive over to celebrate Yuan Wen's birthday together...

Bong : But right, Yuan Wen is not important in Jia Haur's heart.
Jia Haur: (Looks at Bong) Then who is???
Bong : Me of course~
Jason : . . .(speechless) . . . thinks in heart, "why I got friends like these..."

p/s: I got permission from Bong and Jia Haur to publish this.

05 November 2009

'Now' me vs. Future me

This is officially my 50th Post!!! *someone please buy me a cake or something to celebrate this occasion*

Okay, sent an e-mail to myself 3 years from now. Going to be delivered to me on the 1st of November 2012 using http://www.futureme.org/. The contents are of course for me to know and for the rest of you to never know.

Wondering how I am going to be like 3 years from now...

21 Year Old Jason: Hey Jason from the future! How are you doing? Tell me, how's life now?
24 Year Old Jason: Life's great!!! Driving my BMW, working with Shell a big corporation and currently managing a multi billion dollar deal overseas and of course partying all night long everyday. Contemplating of buying my second summer home, either in the Europe or Bali. Damn life is good here. All thanks to you. Make sure you keep working hard okay.
21 Year Old Jason: Whoa.... (speechless. Then continues to work hard finishing up his assignment)

Now that is what I would like to imagine, but my mind couldn't help itself from imagining this instead.

21 Year Old Jason: Hey Jason from the future! How are u doing? Tell me how's life now?
24 Year Old Jason: Sucks.
21 Year Old Jason: -__-" why?
24 Year Old Jason: Graduated one semester late cause failed one stupid subject. Entered Petronas then was kicked out after 2 months because they found out I'm actually incapable of doing anything correctly. AND I'm still being squished in the LRT everyday like in a can of sardine.
21 Year Old Jason: *face turns from (0_0) --> (-__-)" --> (T_T) then goes and and smashes head and face in the mirror.*
24 Year Old Jason: Owh SHIT! Now look what you did to my face. Owh wait, my face is already like that. *goes to the corner of the room, squats down facing the wall and contemplating how best to suicide without feeling pain*
21 Year Old Jason: Pussy! (Then continues to play DoTA).

p/s: I think this will be my last monologue post for some time as I'm scared of getting addicted to talking like this in the future. *Welcome back normal Jason!* Owh ya, before I forget, better send myself another e-mail 3 years down the road with this link for me to re-visit this site when the time comes =)

02 November 2009

Old me vs. 'Now' me

After reading some of my older posts, I've come to terms that my sarcasm level has dropped from here *points way up high* to here *points to the ground*. Sigh~ Anyway, maybe I'm just not as daring to comment about others on a public blog, but heck, I don't mind criticizing myself right.

Found this new website, VERY COOL --> http://www.futureme.org/
You just write an email to yourself, and it will be delivered to your inbox after XXX months/years. It's kinda like talking to your future self. So I was wondering what if I found this website a couple of years earlier. What would I be asking the 'me' now a couple of years back.

15 Year Old Jason: Jason!!! How are you my future me? So where are you studying now? UK? US? Japan?
21 Year Old Jason: Still in Malaysia.
15 Year Old Jason: SHIT! I knew it! Wasted my years. Anyway, on your way to become a Doctor? Or a Lawyer? Or at least an Engineer right?
21 Year Old Jason: No... Doing some IT/Business thinggy..
15 Year Old Jason: What the F***. How the hell did I ended up there. Why the hell did I learn all those Form 5 Add Maths then??? and Physics! And Chemistry! and Bio!!!!
21 Year Old Jason: I learnt those things???
15 Year Old Jason: At least you got some hot chick with you and a nice ride now right? 21 was my favourite number.
21 Year Old Jason: No... and No. But getting on LRT everyday and getting squished like a can of sardine is kinda fun. Right???
15 Year Old Jason: *Runs to the top of the roof and jumps down*
21 Year Old Jason: F***! Now I have no more legs.

Next post --> 'Now' me vs. Future me

01 November 2009

Pro and Cons of going to concerts. (went AAR yesterday!)

Just went to All American Rejects concert yesterday... and amid all the pushing, shoving and squishing, I was wondering if it was really worth it. So, I decided to do a Pro vs. Cons of going to concerts and give marks to all the points. Lets see then:

Pro: Can see international artists performing right in front of you, which will be quite a fond memory in the years to come (+12)

Cons: Most probably you'll end up so far behind you can only see their tiny figures and will be watching the big screen they put up at the sides. (-5)

Pro: Can meet up with other friends that you haven't seen in a long time at the concert, sometimes planned and most of the times unplanned (+6)

Cons: Most probably you will be separated during the concert due to the huge crowd if you don't stick together really really close. (-2)

Pro: You get to brag to your friends an say that you've been to XXX concert and all! (+5)

Cons: During the concert, you wil be pushed, shoved, and squished til u wanna punch those bunch of ^*(%@& idiots right down the !#^$%@! they came from. (-10)

Ok, can't think of any other good things, so continue listing down the bad ones.

Cons: Your foot will be stepped on by the crowd, so girls, please wear shoes and not slippers, else it'll be much more painful. (-2)

Cons: You will have to stand for around 5 hours or more during the concert, so make sure you wear something comfortable. p/s: Even saw some girls wearing heel yesterday, geng (-3)

Cons: The concert will start at around 6pm but the main artist/band you wanted to see performing will only be on after like 2-3 hours because of the opening acts. (-5)

Cons: It will be HOT, and you'll get thirsty in there, so make sure to bring some water bottle else you'll seriously in for a long night. (-3)

So, lets calculate the scores:
Pro: 13 + 6 + 5 = 23
Cons: (-5) + (-2) + (-10) + (-2) + (-3) + (-5) = -25

So the verdict? More Cons than Pros... T_______T

EHHH, wait!!! Forgot 1 more point. Dammit!

Pro: Get to see A LOT of pretty and hot girls and, especially if the act is international, got hot Caucasians some more . It's like all the hot girls in KL gathered at one spot that night and you get to appreciate them all. LOL. (...+20)

Ok, final final verdict:
Pro: = 43
Cons: -25

Won hands down, so go and see a concert.
Yeah, I must admit, during the concert it'll get a lil stuffy, hot, pushy, and crowded, but at the end of the day, you'll usually remember it for the good things (Reminds self to get pictures from Renae).

On another totally random note, just bought the new Gatsby, blue colored one. For the "Cool wet look" as it says on the label. Liked this much more than the purple one I was using. Highly recommended for people with long hair and wanna keep the wet look all day long. Really works. And no, I don't get paid for this.