29 December 2009

Holiday with family...

Hello! been neglecting my blog recently. Sorry bout that. Finally in blogging mood once more.

Well, most of my outings are of public knowledge since my other friends like to blog as well, like the one to Genting, Padi, etc2. So not going to touch on those. Will be talking bout my recent trip back to Ipoh with family and all.

I guess not many of you know bout my family background besides that my dad's and Indian and my mom's Chinese. Hmmm, I don't really talk bout my family much I guess. Except a few, most of you don't know that my parents are actually divorced. Not that it's a secret, just that I don't find it that much of a happy topic, and to suddenly come out and say "Hey, my parents are divorced!". (Which will then lead to a weird silence around the group and everyone looking somewhere pretending to contemplate on something else. So true by the way.

Owh, to go on, they actually divorced a couple of months before I entered UTP, so it didn't affect me that much since I'm already all grown up and all. I mean, it's their life, so can't help it when they're doing what they think it best. Owh, they both remarried to different people already, and now I got a little step brother (1 and a half years old) and a little sister (5 months old). Saw them a few times already when I went back to Kuching. Gosh I sure came a long way from SPM.

Owh well, my dad came down with my step mom, my sister, and the baby boy and baby girl. They're getting cuter I must say. And louder... noisier.

Spend a few days in KL first, before going back Ipoh. Nothing much for me left to do in KL, the only new thing I did was going up KL Tower. Paid RM38 for a view I can see from my level in KLCC Twin Towers. Sigh. At least it comes with free entrance to the petting zoo and testing drive at the F1 simulation. Unfortunately I can't go on the pony ride, only people less then 50kg allowed to (another sign I should start going gym next sem in UTP). Btw, in the petting zoo, one person actually put a snake around my neck and took a big parrot and put it on my shoulder. I damn scared sia, thinking the snake will want to go and eat the bird and I'll become the victim stuck in the middle. The snake even went up near my face lo. My bulu roma still stands at the thought of it. Hah, who imagining dirty things now sure you friends with Jin Ming right? See... told you he got bad influence on you all. LOL.

Anyway, after a few days in KL, went to Ipoh back for family gathering and to celebrate Christmas there. Been quite some time since I went back to Ipoh, and seeing that Ipoh Jusco sure brings back some memories.

Went to church on 24th night (finally went to church after 1 year of absence). Unfortunately... since it was a Tamil speaking church, didn't understood a word they said. Even songs in Tamil, so I just pretend that I understood while everyone around me sang and listened to the pastor preaching. Can't help it... all my father's side of family goes to that church, so I accompany them go also la. Pity my sister and step mom also, they're like me, can't understand a word. Lol. At least the crowd was friendly ^^

25th December was spent going around visiting relatives, and eating as if I'm going to war the next day. Sigh. I think I put on 5kg on that day itself. Then 25th night, went clubbing (at least I understood the songs played in there right). Much cheaper than KL clubs also. Realized there's a lot of new clubs behind Tesco as well.

26th went back to KL, and met up with Peow, Jia Haur, Barney and Ah Dong. Watched Sherlock Holmes at Times Square. Straight went from Puduraya to Times Square with my luggage and all to meet them and make it for the movie. Then we all went back to Wangsa Maju and met with Bong and Yoke Mun for yumcha session. After that me, Jia Haur, Peow and Dong went CC, played DoTA until 5am in the morning. After 6 months of abstinence from DoTA, I feed like hell and found myself getting the feeling of DoTA back. NOOOOooooooooooooooooo~

The main point of this enty is this. I will never have children until I have travelled the whole world.
These are the exact words I said to my parents. Don't get me wrong. Love my baby brother and baby sister till death. They're both just too cute. It's just that they can be sooo loud, noisy and annoying at times, especially during meals. Not to mention the cost of bringing extra people and paying for them. Uhhh.... seriously, will travel the whole world before I settle down and have kids. Next trip, New Years? =))

p/s: will upload pics of family later on.

14 December 2009

Humans aren't the only ones that commit suicide.

Read this article today. Very very weird...

"Located near the village of Milton in the burgh of Dumbarton, Scotland, there exists a bridge that for some reason or another, has been attracting suicidal dogs since the early 60s. At a rate of around one a month, dogs have been regularly leaping from the bridge; an estimated 600 have been reported jumping.

Even more strange are the circumstances behind these incidents of kamikaze canines. Not only have they been plummeting to their deaths from the bridge, but many have witnessed the dogs actually climbing the parapet wall before making the jump. Even stranger are the reports of dogs surviving their brush with death, only to return to the bridge for a second attempt.

Many theories have arisen on why these doggy suicides occur at such a regular pace, but nothing conclusive has been found. The Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has sent representatives to investigate, but they too were stumped by the cause of the strange behavior."

Taken from http://atlasobscura.com/places/overtoun-bridge

Seriously? Jump but didn't die then go and jump again??? The person watching that sitting there enjoying the view of the dogs jumping to death twice is it. GO la and stop the poor dog. Maybe show him a picture of a big bone or something. Dude.... seriously. lol.

Owh well, at least I know now that not only humans suffer from stress and depression. Such is the life of a dog. At least all dogs go to heaven right?