21 December 2010

wah, still reading my blog? tq tq

I wish I could record and save all my thoughts that I have before I sleep. Then 10 years down the road I can look back and laugh at all the silly thoughts and worries that I have now.

What scares me is that 10 years down the road I might look back and think my thoughts now are not stupid, and that I could have made a difference had I done it differently.

On a lighter note, I saw a middle aged couple making lame jokes and laughing out loud in a jammed packed LRT, with their teenage kids beside them. I wonder how their kids were feeling then. But then again, I guess it is kinda sweet to see a middle aged couple still able to make lame jokes in a crowded place, not to mention in front of their kids.

Til next time, chiao~~

16 December 2010

Random updates

I think if I don't start updating my blog, it's going to be abandoned very soon. But I'm not sure what to blog about. Seriously. Blank. It's not that I'm too busy to update, just not sure what to update about.

Life has been pretty awesome so far. In general of course. Looking back, I'm pretty lucky to have a great family, and so many great friends.

Christmas is around the corner, and I'll be celebrating it in Ipoh this year. Argh!!! I forgot to buy presents this year! (jots down in MUST DO LIST!)

Then going to South Korea for New Years celebration. Haven't completed my shopping list for Korea trip, but any inputs from you all are welcomed =)

I've missed Kuching, so if it goes according to plan, I will be going back to Kuching on 10th January. Still......there might be some chance that I will be going to work straight. Aihhh. I miss my grandma in Kuching.

Anyway, life now in Ipoh is pretty laid back and relaxed. I don't feel bored somehow, maybe because I'm occupying myself with some silly small stuffs. Will be going to KL tomorrow, to hang out with friends and then meeting with my dad and the whole family who is coming over.

Let me see, the travelling done and that will be done since my final paper.
UTP -> Ipoh -> KL -> Ipoh (Now) -> KL -> Seremban -> Ipoh -> KL -> Seoul -> KL -> Kuching -> KL.


The end of my update. Thank you for your precious 600 seconds.

29 November 2010

Not a farewell bid

This will be more of a Thank You post, for all the 'thank you's that I didn't say quite enough.

Thank you, to my dearest coursemates; Chong Jia Haur, Bong Way Kiat, Jason Puan, Ng Li Li, Mei Fang, and Jane. BIS would have been so tough if not for you all.

To my bros; Jin Ming and Seng Peow, I will miss those trips to Ipoh and those times we talked during dinners or over a cup of coffee, which can either be unusually lame and funny, or downright serious 'what we will be in the future' stuffs. I will miss you two a lot. Life in UTP would be terribly boring and lonely without the both of you.

To those who have touched me and have been a special part of my life; Philip, Barney, Eddy, Xiang Qing, Cally, Hooi Yee, Jing Zhi, Amy, Renae, Aaron, Tiat Dong, Mildred, Vern, Yoke Mun, Yuan Wen, Arun, Evelyn, Duke, Wira... I have had fond memories of us together, and all that I hope is that when you think of me down the road, it will be of fond memories as well.

To all my friends here in UTP, thank you for everything. You have been my family for these past 4 and a half years. Some of you were closer to me than family as far as I'm concern. I honestly wouldn't know what I would do if not for you all.

A million thank you would never be enough to express how grateful I am to have you all as part of my life. For all the things that I might have done to hurt you, please forgive me, I know my mouth can sometimes go and blabber insensitive things. Do know that I never meant to hurt anyone.

I was never really good at expressing myself and my feelings, and I am still working on it...

As I said, this isn't a good bye post. So till the next time we meet again, take care.

22 November 2010

A waste of time for you to read this, but then again it's your time. Do what the hell you want with it.

OMG! Just realized I don't have a check list of things that I should do before leaving UTP!

This is just soooo not right~~~
Screw that, 2nd last paper tomorrow. Study first.

16 October 2010

My Weekend

Woke up on a Friday and went down Penang. Got a confirming a job offer. Took a back to Ipoh in the Friend picked me up from the bus station and brought me while I'm still in my Drank half a bottle of Got super Woke up on a Saturday morning in an unknown Took a long Went back to uni and continued my Woke up late afternoon and to Ipoh with my two best

Life is good.

12 October 2010

I love dogs, don't you?

Many people have commented on how fierce I look when I am studying or doing my work. Perhaps I don't really show that part of me outside my close circle of friends. So let me introduce to you all the three faces that I put on in different situations, not because I want to, but because I am what I am.

When I'm chatting online, people on the other side usually think that I look like this. Can't blame them since I'm kinda addicted to using "haha" and "LOL".

On the way to class, most people would ask me if I just woke up so I'm guessing my face looks like this on any other day.

When I'm concentrating on my work or studying, people say I look like this. GOT OR NOT!

Sigh...and all I wanted to be, is to look like this. If only those three parts of me combine to produce this, I would be very happy indeed.


10 October 2010


And I opted for a simpler, cleaner look. What do you think?

21 September 2010

It's been 2 years!

Was looking back, and I realized that I have been blogging for over two years now! Never expected my blog to last this long. I started blogging to remind myself of all that is happening around me and to write down the things that has affected me the most. I have tried to stay true to this, but I must admit I did miss out on quite a number of things. Nevertheless, I will continue my effort. For this post, I'm going to countdown on the my top 5 best post ever!

Number 5:
I still remember watching this Heineken ad in the cinema last year. Made me LOL'ed. One of the most creative adverts ever =)

Number 4:
This was a poster I saw in UTP during my first year here. Things have changed a lot. Rakan Masjid has seriously changed for the better, kudos to them =) Again, this post is just for fun and no ill intentions are meant. It was a way for me to spend some of my free time doing other things besides Dota-ing during that period. Need to stimulate my creativity here in UTP to keep it alive you know.

Number 3:
Being a BIS student and taking a lot of business subjects, I find this a very fascinating question which was being asked by Leo Velski Julian. I don't remember how I come about to read on this, but I am glad I did. We really need to look at things from more than one point of view.

Number 2:
This was my first post! Hahaha. Still one of my favourites. And the only thing that remained is the number one, which is my Friends. UTP's toilet is getting dirtier ever year, and I stopped DoTA-ing already, so i can cancel those two out.

If you are new here and don't know who I am, reading this would help you a lot. Still makes me laugh everytime I read this. Owh, and for the 5th question in the above blog post, I'm receiving it a lot from my friends parents these days, not only my relatives.

Note: Winning posts are selected based on my personal opinion and has nothing to do with all of you. All decisions made are final.
For those of you wanting to read it all over again, you must have a lot of time or are really stressed out. But seriously, take time to read it if you can. No rush =)

14 September 2010


Imagine this...

1) Graduating with first class honours.

2) Applying for a Working Visa in a foreign country for 1 year.

3) Buy a return ticket, usable any time.

4) Reaching your destination, with only RM2000 in your pocket.

5) Finding any job you can do, just enough for you to live day by day.

6) Live and work there while experiencing their culture.

7) At the end of one year, apply for another working Visa in another country.

8) Repeat it all over again in another foreign place.

Sometimes I wish I don't have this Asian culture, whereby I need to have a sense of security all the time.

Let's take a leap of faith, in ourselves.

24 August 2010

5 things I would like to say to all my friends, in case I don't get to in the future.

1) I love all my friends. No exceptions.

2) I know that I am not perfect, so don't be afraid to correct me. I want to be a better person. In doing so, I hope that you will forgive me for all the things I did which have hurt you.

3) People change, but don't let that keep us apart. Contact me if I don't contact you.

4) I like honest people. So tell me the truth, no matter how terrible it is, or how hurtful it might be. I might mope around a little, but I will respect you more afterwards.

5) I don't need a lot of friends, I just want true ones. If you are one, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

01 August 2010

MTV World Stage 2010, and we saw Kenny Sia!

Just got back from MTV World Stage 2010 and it was freaking AWESOME!!! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better from last year's one. Lucky enough to have gone for both, and I must hand it to the organizers, this year was much better (mostly thanks to Wonder Girls and Katy Perry).

First of all must thank Jin Ming for bringing me after he won a pair of tickets. I will consider this as my early birthday present for next year! So no need any gifts from you already. lol

Went into Sunway Lagoon at around 8pm, totally missed Bunkface, but then again I didn't went there for them (sorry to say) and I already saw them perform at UTP once. Our timing was perfect as just after we went in everyone was chanting Nobody Nobody But You to welcome the Wonder Girls up on stage.

The feeling of seeing them in the cage and slowly coming out from it, looking so hot and sexy was just breath taking. I could not have asked for more. And when they sang Nobody, they actually wore those golden dresses that looked exactly like the ones from their MV. The entire crowd was singing along with them, especially Nobody and Tell Me. They were just so hot. More than what I ever expected. I think I just fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams when I saw them yesterday.
Score: 4.8 / 5
Reason: The missing 0.2 point is because SNSD wasn't there beside them when they were performing.

Then came Tokio Hotel, which did much better than what I expected as I wasn't a really big fan.
Actually sang around 7 songs, and I only knew around 3 of it, but they were really good. Even the songs that I never heard of before stuck in my head after they finished performing.
Score: 4 / 5
Reason: I am bias towards giving girl groups higher marks.

Katy Perry came on last. And this was the BOMB! As much a fan as I am of Korean group girls, I must say Katy Perry totally made the whole night worth while, as if Wonder Girls wasn't enough for us. I love it that she didn't censor words like "Bitch" when she was singing. I love it when she shouted and asked the audience "Who did I kissed?!" five times before singing 'I Kissed A Girl'. I love it when she jumped down and went into the crowd, and the crowd lifted her high. I love her new song Peacock which will be out in her new album. That song will be a definite hit and move to the top position in the charts once it is out. I'm not sure if it will be played in Malaysian radio stations though since the lyrics goes something like this "Show me your peacock, cock, cock, cock~~" The crowd went wild last night for her. Wasn't a that big a fan of hers before, now I'm crazy over her.
Score: 4.99 / 5
Reason: Losing out in 0.01 points because she just got married!! Arghh!

Credits to MTV World Stage Asia for the all the pictures above!

The effects were much better than last year, with fireworks going off everywhere, fires flaring on the stage, giant balloons being let loose into the crowd. The only drawback was the technical problems that led to the long interval period between the performances. However, it was all worth while and I am definitely going for the next World Stage. Lets win some tickets again!

Owh, did I mention that we saw Kenny Sia? I didn't realize it was him at first but Shea Teng was pretty sure and guess what, it really was him! He was just queuing up just like any normal person (Kuching people humble ma). Here's a picture taken with him =)

Me, Kenny Sia, Jin Ming, and Shea Teng

What a wonderful way to begin my semester! WoohoooO!!!!! Lets all go Pangkor next week! I want nobody nobody but youuuu!

21 July 2010

I swear to you this is one of my most annoying post

I'm surprised as to how I was able to remember all those stuff for exams during Form 5. I guess the education system really did bring out the best parts in me. As to what those parts are, it's yet to be determined.

Thats all I wanna say.

I realize that's more like a shout out then a blog post, but I really do need to update my blog. . . . so . . so . . So here I stand, And then again I say, I'm hopin' we can make some wishes outta airplaneS.

Oops, detracting from the original point of this post. But then again there isn't one. Don't you just hate me now.

See you all in UTP real soon! And for the rest, see you when I see you =)

29 June 2010

Do we look alike?

Good news! I'm bored and I'm gonna update my blog! Cheers to all my beloved readers! Woohooo!!! (SS sikit okay, nothing wrong with that).

Was having a conversation with my dad the other day about my lil baby brother...

p/s: Those of you close enough to me would have already known I have a lil baby brother and sister by now. And to the rest, I'm really sorry I didn't mention it as wasn't really one of those topics that comes to mind when we're hanging out and enjoying ourselves (or eating, or crapping, or playing strip poker, or playing at cyber cafes which by the way I am so missing right now).

Anyway, lets go back to the conversation.

Dad: I was looking as some old photos.... did you realized that Jared (my lil baby bro) looked just like you when you were younger?
Me: Huh? (Saying this with big eyes, and big question question marks over my head)
Dad: Yeah, I realized it when I was looking through your pictures when you were younger.
Me: Huh??? (Saying this with bigger eyes, and bigger question question marks over my head)

Okay, so I didn't believe my dad at first, cause he does exaggerates at times.
So I took out my old photo album and saw some pictures of myself when I was about Jared's age. Seemed like my dad was correct about how similar Jared and I looked when I was younger. Needless to say my eyes popped out due to disbelief.

Take a look for yourselves if you don't believe.

Jared: 3 years old. Me: 6 years old

Okay I admit, I purposely chose a picture of him which doesn't look so good so that I would at least look better up there when you were comparing us.

However, it got me to think, if he is to grow up and look just like me in the future... OMG....

Now I got a brother who is:
1) Cuter than me,
2) Fairer than me,
3) Younger than me,
4) So much more talkative than me, AND
5) Much more playful and naughty then me (yes, I know its hard to believe, but it's true!)

How on earth am I going to score a hot chick now that I got a brother like THIS???!!! Damn it, he better grow slowly and not be in competition with me so soon.


15 June 2010

Memories of you...

I forgot about you. For some time.

Now I remember.

You looked almost the same as when I first saw you, but a million times more special to me now.

I saw you this evening, never expecting you to still be here.

The last time I saw you was before leaving for UTP, but even then we were already growing apart. We no longer had time for each other. I know it was my fault.

I remembered how much you helped me especially in the months before SPM. You were there each and every time I'm bored and needed company.

Yet I forgot you once the good time comes; when I no longer needed your attention.

I went as far as looking for another once I was at UTP.

I'm sorry, I truly am.

It would be better if I left you alone. Never knowing how you are now; but alas I couldn't help myself.

Curiosity killed the cat as they say.

Holding you today, made me remember all those times we spent with each other. When I wanted to escape from my world, and into yours.

Yet you did not reply me.

I gave up.

The years apart took you away from me.


This post is dedicated to you. May I always remember your contribution to me.







My made in China MP3 player. Take care.

20 May 2010

Random decision for a trip to Philippines.

Title tells it all. Right now got me, Jin Ming, Renae, and Mildred. Going to Boracay island, Philippines. 10th January next year. Not sure if I made the right decision, but as long as the company is great, who cares =)

Makes me realize, by Jan 10th next year, I will have no idea where will I be; Kuching, KL, or some other place. Employed or unemployed. Unlike the other three, who will be having their semester break then, I won't be coming back to UTP, or experience this undergraduate feeling anymore.

Return tickets Rm278 only, waiting for more people so that can buy the tickets together.

Anyone else wanna go?

p/s: will try not to drown this time around.

29 April 2010

I got blocked because I have no taste...(stares blankly for 5 seconds) WTH!

You know how some universities block access to certain websites. I totally understand their intention and to some extent agree on certain censorships (no matter how futile it is).

However, this was the bomb. I tried to access a site the other day. This is what I got.

My reaction when I saw this at my screen:
1) Stares at it for 5 seconds. (Nope, no eye blinking whatsoever)
2) Read the words 3 times to make sure my I don't need to start wearing glasses.
3) Crumbles on the floor, screaming "NOOOOoooooooo!!!" (Reality hits hard that I have no taste whatsoever)

Well at least now I know that my university wants me to have good tastes. Apparently mine is tasteless and offensive. I don't really mind blocking a website for being offensive, but really, tasteless? Is that really an excuse to block a website? LOL.

But I'm digressing, the main point here is this, I AM TASTELESS! Let's all help me to improve my taste okay? =)

24 April 2010

Songs, Eupho, Exam TimeTable, and Sickness.

I suddenly remembered this song, heard it somewhere and straight away googled for the title. See if you can recognize the lyrics...

Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you
Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go..

Owh how I missed this song. Should listen to it the next time I go to the beach =)

Just got my timetable for final exam. 4 papers in 3 weeks. The papers all far apart. Guess I need some planning on what to do in between the papers. You don't actually expect me to study for the whole 3 weeks now do you? =P

Just came back from Euphonious, great performance by all the bands as usual. Credits to Salmah and the Swingers for the superb performance. Especially liked it when the four girls came out and danced during Poker Face song, and the singer for the second song, Hey Jude was simply superb.

Rector's singing as improved A LOT since the first time I went for Euphonious. Damn, now I super regret didn't learn how to sing or at least play some kind of instrument. I would look so hot up there playing a guitar! lol.

Owh, and I am sick now, at a very bad timing. Hopefully my fever and flu will get better soon. Very soon.

p/s: The song above is Kokomo, by Beach Boys.

Til next time~

(Puts on headphones and listen to Kokomo while roomate goes to sleep)

11 April 2010

A losing battle against DoTA

Every semester in UTP, I will have this period of time where.... well I like to call this period 'Rehab'. It usually occurs around the 9th-11th week of the semester. I will go to my desktop, and delete this icon, W3L or better known to the rest of the world as DoTA.

DoTA icon dragged into the Recycle Bin
ight now, I am in 'Rehab'. Now imagine me, surrounded by
believe friends that
has also quit DoTA, holding my hands

Jason: "I have not played DoTA in 6 days". (You heard me, 6 long,
arduous days without DoTA!)

My imaginary friends all clapping for me now, and some are patting
my back.

Okay, maybe thats a little bit too much. But 6 days is LONG in the
world of DoTA okay. Imagine 3 hours a day, times 6, thats over
18 hours of DoTA time lost! (or saved. I really should have used
the word saved shouldn't I?)

However, there is one major problem with this.... my DoTA folder
is being kept on my dekstop as well, just beside my DoTA icon (which
has been deleted for the record. Deleting the icon is sooo much easier
than deleting the folder...)
The major setback. Not the right place for a game folder isn't it.

Anyway, there's just too many things on my mind right now that DoTA doesn't really seem important at the moment. (Thinks hard to himself... since when was it ever important?)

Now it's not my fault, I know it isn't! 8 months during intern and I never had the urge to DoTA. But the 1st day I'm back in UTP, and already the urge was too strong that I played it on the 1st day itself. I think there is some kind of aura in UTP, empowering the students to DoTA (or maybe some kind of black magic that UiTM students put on UTPians due to jealousy). JK JK! As if they got anything to be jealous of...

The conclusion? Jason must try harder this semester to quit DoTA. (And not to mention I have extra time to blog now that I dont DoTA anymore).

p/s: Note to self, lessen the monologues. Although it is funny in my head, it's lame when I read it out loud.

06 April 2010

The day I nearly died, or drowned in Bali.

The day I nearly drowned...

We made a bad choice. Learning how to surf at Dreamland instead of Kuta. Waves in Kuta beach is like most of the beaches that we are used to; calm and slightly rough at times, just like a breeze during a hot summer day. The waves at Dreamland can be likened to a tornado now that I think of it.

Me and my friend wanted to learn how to surf, ambitiously trying it out at Dreamland. The locals of course just wanted to get our money any way they could. So we tried it. My friend was luckier, his instructor just brought him slightly out and not far from the shore. Mine was...more ambitious. Bringing me further and further into the rough seas. I told him I was not good at swimming, but he said it was safe. I guess I should have followed my guts in preserving my life. I was pretty far from the shore, clinging to my unsteady surf board in the middle of the ocean. Asking me to paddle towards the huge wave coming at me, I thought he was crazy, but I did it anyway. I was under in a matter of seconds. Well, I think how my friend told the story after this is more hilarious...

From my friend's point of view:
Yoon Yeh: (Realizes I'm missing, looking around trying to locate me) Wheres my friend???
His instructor: (...) I don't know...

Yoon Yeh looks at my instructor...

My instructor: (...) Looks at him and couldn't say anything, frantically looking around trying to find any signs of me with a scared look in his eyes.

The waves swept me to the shore, but it kept pulling me back in, never letting me go. I really struggled to keep my head above the water every time the waves pushed me to the shore, just to get enough air before I was pulled back into the ocean. Kinda hard to describe the feeling of being so close to safety, yet never really reaching it.

They finally spotted me at the shore later on, I was panting and struggling to breath. Taking in as much air as possible. I really thought I was going to die at that time. Never closer. I guess it was just minutes, but it felt much longer than that for me.

You know what they say, that you will never drown as long as you have your surf board with you? Thats a bunch of bull. By the time the waves hit u hard, taking your breath away, you struggling to keep afloat, pulling that string attached to your ankle and surf board, getting a hold of your surf board, trying to get on it and balance yourself, the next wave would have come and smashed you again. And this time, you won't have the breath nor the energy left. Thats what happened to me.

Of course now that I'm alive and kicking, I try to make a joke out of it every time people ask me about it. Come to think of it, it was kind of funny how my friend told me the story from his point of view. I was laughing really loud when I heard it the first time. It wasn't so funny for him though. Could have been worse, I could have been laughing from up there.... or... maybe down there. Lets not be too optimistic shall we =)

20 March 2010

When three boys meet hot stewardess

On the flight back to Malaysia, TYY, JAR and CJH sat beside each other on the plane. The announcement came for 'Safety Demonstration' or whatever the name is. You know, the one where they teach you how to use the seat belts and life jackets on the plane.

Comes this freakin' HOT and PRETTY stewardess in front of us, showing how to use all those stuff. TYY, JAR and CJH looks on unblinkingly....

JAR: This is the first time I'm paying attention during the demonstration...
CJH: I also paying a lot of attention.

(continues to stare until the demonstration ended)
TYY looks at the food menu on board.

TYY: Eh, this meal very cheap, got free shirt some more.
JAR: Jom, order.
TYY: And must order only from THAT stewardess! (JAR, TYY and CJH nods in agreement while looking at each other)
TYY: OK, later she pass by I'll ask her!

Try 1
Slowly stewardess walks towards us from behind...
. . . . . . and passes us.

CJH: Eh, what happened?
TYY: Err...Not yet ready, didn't see her coming from behind.
JAR and CJH: Ok ok, next try.

Try 2
The stewardess walks towards us, this time from the front...
. . . . .and passes us.

JAR: ??? (Looks at TYY with wide open eyes)
CJH: Why...
TYY: ... ... ... Err.... scared la~ (saying this with his cute and innocent face)


In the end, the meal that we wanted to buy is out of stock. And the free shirt is only for kids, which will never fit us.

p/s: Lazy blog about Bali trip, maybe next time :)

25 February 2010

A Short Ghost Story

Suddenly remembered this story just now, and it still gives me the creeps thinking 'bout it. So what the heck, I'm gonna share this feeling with all of you, since sharing is caring right?

*crosses finger and hopes that the way I write will scare the shit out of all of you instead of making you laugh, or even worse, think I'm lame*

*crosses finger again*

This was actually told to me by one of my UTP friends. So the validity of this story is unconfirmed, but according to what that person said, it's true. So believe what you want. Owh, and this occurred in UTP.

So there was this guy (Lets call him guy A) and his roommate, staying at V5x. During one of the holiday breaks, A's roommate when back during the evening, while A decided to stay in UTP. So A was left all alone during that night.

He went to sleep that night peacefully, without anything strange occurring. In the middle of the night however, he suddenly opened his eyes and turned and faced his roommate's bed (guling-guling on the bed, you know la~). He realized that there was someone lying down at his roommate's bed. Then he thought to himself whether it was his roommate, but then knew that it wasn't since it was too early for this roommate to be back. He knew it wasn't someone but something.

He quickly closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep and didn't know anything; keeping silent all the way. A few seconds after closing his eyes and pretending to be asleep, his heard the thing saying out loud "Sudah tahu ke?"

He slowly opened his eyes and in front of him was that thing, just beside his face! He fainted straight away.

The next morning when he woke up no one was in the room, only him. He retold the story to his roommate and others...

So you still dare to sleep alone in UTP?

p/s: I think telling the story in person would be more scary, but what the heck.

04 February 2010

Roadtrips. Lazy updates.

Went for KL roadtrip 2 weeks ago. As if I haven't gotten enough of KL after 8 months of internship there.

So finally I got my first illy's coffee.
Highly recommended for coffee lovers =)))

Then last week went for Penang roadtrip again. Great time there, especially at Batu Feringgi.

End of post.

Laziness kicking in. Aren't short posts easier to read?

14 January 2010

Final days of intern

Finally giving in to temptation and ignoring my Internship Final Report for the time being. What on earth made me think that I would have time to enjoy myself before going back to UTP, I don't know.

My final days in KLCC was fun, and sad at the same time. Going to miss the colleagues at my department. Never really took time to know each one of them, but the feeling is still there. The appreciation that they showed us during the final days was really heart warming.

So the last few days during intern, had the priviledge to eat all meals; lunch and dinner for free. the managers, Senior Managers, and even our General Manager met us and invited us for lunch or dinner on separate occasions. Finally get to eat at Dome's and Manhattan Fish Market. Lol. Owh, there was a farewell party as well. Even Adilah bought me Auntie Anne's on the last day of intern.

Barney a.k.a. Voon Choon Lin even came down and bought me lunch during on Friday. p/s: He's in UK now, hope he's having a great time there =)

All the SM's and GM in my department even collected money and bought us a farewell gift. Freakin' happy since I was planning to buy it as well, and thus I can now save money...which I really lack after 8 months of internship in KL.

Pictures ahead...

Intern mate. Dila.

Shafiq, the hardworking intern.

Gift from my department.

The present in the bag ^^

My cubicle, which is right in front of my GM's office. Hard time Facebook-ing in the begining =p

Going to miss Group Internal Audit and KLCC so much after this. Not to forget the friends back in KL doing their internship as well. Good luck to you all.