14 January 2010

Final days of intern

Finally giving in to temptation and ignoring my Internship Final Report for the time being. What on earth made me think that I would have time to enjoy myself before going back to UTP, I don't know.

My final days in KLCC was fun, and sad at the same time. Going to miss the colleagues at my department. Never really took time to know each one of them, but the feeling is still there. The appreciation that they showed us during the final days was really heart warming.

So the last few days during intern, had the priviledge to eat all meals; lunch and dinner for free. the managers, Senior Managers, and even our General Manager met us and invited us for lunch or dinner on separate occasions. Finally get to eat at Dome's and Manhattan Fish Market. Lol. Owh, there was a farewell party as well. Even Adilah bought me Auntie Anne's on the last day of intern.

Barney a.k.a. Voon Choon Lin even came down and bought me lunch during on Friday. p/s: He's in UK now, hope he's having a great time there =)

All the SM's and GM in my department even collected money and bought us a farewell gift. Freakin' happy since I was planning to buy it as well, and thus I can now save money...which I really lack after 8 months of internship in KL.

Pictures ahead...

Intern mate. Dila.

Shafiq, the hardworking intern.

Gift from my department.

The present in the bag ^^

My cubicle, which is right in front of my GM's office. Hard time Facebook-ing in the begining =p

Going to miss Group Internal Audit and KLCC so much after this. Not to forget the friends back in KL doing their internship as well. Good luck to you all.