20 March 2010

When three boys meet hot stewardess

On the flight back to Malaysia, TYY, JAR and CJH sat beside each other on the plane. The announcement came for 'Safety Demonstration' or whatever the name is. You know, the one where they teach you how to use the seat belts and life jackets on the plane.

Comes this freakin' HOT and PRETTY stewardess in front of us, showing how to use all those stuff. TYY, JAR and CJH looks on unblinkingly....

JAR: This is the first time I'm paying attention during the demonstration...
CJH: I also paying a lot of attention.

(continues to stare until the demonstration ended)
TYY looks at the food menu on board.

TYY: Eh, this meal very cheap, got free shirt some more.
JAR: Jom, order.
TYY: And must order only from THAT stewardess! (JAR, TYY and CJH nods in agreement while looking at each other)
TYY: OK, later she pass by I'll ask her!

Try 1
Slowly stewardess walks towards us from behind...
. . . . . . and passes us.

CJH: Eh, what happened?
TYY: Err...Not yet ready, didn't see her coming from behind.
JAR and CJH: Ok ok, next try.

Try 2
The stewardess walks towards us, this time from the front...
. . . . .and passes us.

JAR: ??? (Looks at TYY with wide open eyes)
CJH: Why...
TYY: ... ... ... Err.... scared la~ (saying this with his cute and innocent face)


In the end, the meal that we wanted to buy is out of stock. And the free shirt is only for kids, which will never fit us.

p/s: Lazy blog about Bali trip, maybe next time :)