29 April 2010

I got blocked because I have no taste...(stares blankly for 5 seconds) WTH!

You know how some universities block access to certain websites. I totally understand their intention and to some extent agree on certain censorships (no matter how futile it is).

However, this was the bomb. I tried to access a site the other day. This is what I got.

My reaction when I saw this at my screen:
1) Stares at it for 5 seconds. (Nope, no eye blinking whatsoever)
2) Read the words 3 times to make sure my I don't need to start wearing glasses.
3) Crumbles on the floor, screaming "NOOOOoooooooo!!!" (Reality hits hard that I have no taste whatsoever)

Well at least now I know that my university wants me to have good tastes. Apparently mine is tasteless and offensive. I don't really mind blocking a website for being offensive, but really, tasteless? Is that really an excuse to block a website? LOL.

But I'm digressing, the main point here is this, I AM TASTELESS! Let's all help me to improve my taste okay? =)

24 April 2010

Songs, Eupho, Exam TimeTable, and Sickness.

I suddenly remembered this song, heard it somewhere and straight away googled for the title. See if you can recognize the lyrics...

Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you
Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go..

Owh how I missed this song. Should listen to it the next time I go to the beach =)

Just got my timetable for final exam. 4 papers in 3 weeks. The papers all far apart. Guess I need some planning on what to do in between the papers. You don't actually expect me to study for the whole 3 weeks now do you? =P

Just came back from Euphonious, great performance by all the bands as usual. Credits to Salmah and the Swingers for the superb performance. Especially liked it when the four girls came out and danced during Poker Face song, and the singer for the second song, Hey Jude was simply superb.

Rector's singing as improved A LOT since the first time I went for Euphonious. Damn, now I super regret didn't learn how to sing or at least play some kind of instrument. I would look so hot up there playing a guitar! lol.

Owh, and I am sick now, at a very bad timing. Hopefully my fever and flu will get better soon. Very soon.

p/s: The song above is Kokomo, by Beach Boys.

Til next time~

(Puts on headphones and listen to Kokomo while roomate goes to sleep)

11 April 2010

A losing battle against DoTA

Every semester in UTP, I will have this period of time where.... well I like to call this period 'Rehab'. It usually occurs around the 9th-11th week of the semester. I will go to my desktop, and delete this icon, W3L or better known to the rest of the world as DoTA.

DoTA icon dragged into the Recycle Bin
ight now, I am in 'Rehab'. Now imagine me, surrounded by
believe friends that
has also quit DoTA, holding my hands

Jason: "I have not played DoTA in 6 days". (You heard me, 6 long,
arduous days without DoTA!)

My imaginary friends all clapping for me now, and some are patting
my back.

Okay, maybe thats a little bit too much. But 6 days is LONG in the
world of DoTA okay. Imagine 3 hours a day, times 6, thats over
18 hours of DoTA time lost! (or saved. I really should have used
the word saved shouldn't I?)

However, there is one major problem with this.... my DoTA folder
is being kept on my dekstop as well, just beside my DoTA icon (which
has been deleted for the record. Deleting the icon is sooo much easier
than deleting the folder...)
The major setback. Not the right place for a game folder isn't it.

Anyway, there's just too many things on my mind right now that DoTA doesn't really seem important at the moment. (Thinks hard to himself... since when was it ever important?)

Now it's not my fault, I know it isn't! 8 months during intern and I never had the urge to DoTA. But the 1st day I'm back in UTP, and already the urge was too strong that I played it on the 1st day itself. I think there is some kind of aura in UTP, empowering the students to DoTA (or maybe some kind of black magic that UiTM students put on UTPians due to jealousy). JK JK! As if they got anything to be jealous of...

The conclusion? Jason must try harder this semester to quit DoTA. (And not to mention I have extra time to blog now that I dont DoTA anymore).

p/s: Note to self, lessen the monologues. Although it is funny in my head, it's lame when I read it out loud.

06 April 2010

The day I nearly died, or drowned in Bali.

The day I nearly drowned...

We made a bad choice. Learning how to surf at Dreamland instead of Kuta. Waves in Kuta beach is like most of the beaches that we are used to; calm and slightly rough at times, just like a breeze during a hot summer day. The waves at Dreamland can be likened to a tornado now that I think of it.

Me and my friend wanted to learn how to surf, ambitiously trying it out at Dreamland. The locals of course just wanted to get our money any way they could. So we tried it. My friend was luckier, his instructor just brought him slightly out and not far from the shore. Mine was...more ambitious. Bringing me further and further into the rough seas. I told him I was not good at swimming, but he said it was safe. I guess I should have followed my guts in preserving my life. I was pretty far from the shore, clinging to my unsteady surf board in the middle of the ocean. Asking me to paddle towards the huge wave coming at me, I thought he was crazy, but I did it anyway. I was under in a matter of seconds. Well, I think how my friend told the story after this is more hilarious...

From my friend's point of view:
Yoon Yeh: (Realizes I'm missing, looking around trying to locate me) Wheres my friend???
His instructor: (...) I don't know...

Yoon Yeh looks at my instructor...

My instructor: (...) Looks at him and couldn't say anything, frantically looking around trying to find any signs of me with a scared look in his eyes.

The waves swept me to the shore, but it kept pulling me back in, never letting me go. I really struggled to keep my head above the water every time the waves pushed me to the shore, just to get enough air before I was pulled back into the ocean. Kinda hard to describe the feeling of being so close to safety, yet never really reaching it.

They finally spotted me at the shore later on, I was panting and struggling to breath. Taking in as much air as possible. I really thought I was going to die at that time. Never closer. I guess it was just minutes, but it felt much longer than that for me.

You know what they say, that you will never drown as long as you have your surf board with you? Thats a bunch of bull. By the time the waves hit u hard, taking your breath away, you struggling to keep afloat, pulling that string attached to your ankle and surf board, getting a hold of your surf board, trying to get on it and balance yourself, the next wave would have come and smashed you again. And this time, you won't have the breath nor the energy left. Thats what happened to me.

Of course now that I'm alive and kicking, I try to make a joke out of it every time people ask me about it. Come to think of it, it was kind of funny how my friend told me the story from his point of view. I was laughing really loud when I heard it the first time. It wasn't so funny for him though. Could have been worse, I could have been laughing from up there.... or... maybe down there. Lets not be too optimistic shall we =)