29 June 2010

Do we look alike?

Good news! I'm bored and I'm gonna update my blog! Cheers to all my beloved readers! Woohooo!!! (SS sikit okay, nothing wrong with that).

Was having a conversation with my dad the other day about my lil baby brother...

p/s: Those of you close enough to me would have already known I have a lil baby brother and sister by now. And to the rest, I'm really sorry I didn't mention it as wasn't really one of those topics that comes to mind when we're hanging out and enjoying ourselves (or eating, or crapping, or playing strip poker, or playing at cyber cafes which by the way I am so missing right now).

Anyway, lets go back to the conversation.

Dad: I was looking as some old photos.... did you realized that Jared (my lil baby bro) looked just like you when you were younger?
Me: Huh? (Saying this with big eyes, and big question question marks over my head)
Dad: Yeah, I realized it when I was looking through your pictures when you were younger.
Me: Huh??? (Saying this with bigger eyes, and bigger question question marks over my head)

Okay, so I didn't believe my dad at first, cause he does exaggerates at times.
So I took out my old photo album and saw some pictures of myself when I was about Jared's age. Seemed like my dad was correct about how similar Jared and I looked when I was younger. Needless to say my eyes popped out due to disbelief.

Take a look for yourselves if you don't believe.

Jared: 3 years old. Me: 6 years old

Okay I admit, I purposely chose a picture of him which doesn't look so good so that I would at least look better up there when you were comparing us.

However, it got me to think, if he is to grow up and look just like me in the future... OMG....

Now I got a brother who is:
1) Cuter than me,
2) Fairer than me,
3) Younger than me,
4) So much more talkative than me, AND
5) Much more playful and naughty then me (yes, I know its hard to believe, but it's true!)

How on earth am I going to score a hot chick now that I got a brother like THIS???!!! Damn it, he better grow slowly and not be in competition with me so soon.


15 June 2010

Memories of you...

I forgot about you. For some time.

Now I remember.

You looked almost the same as when I first saw you, but a million times more special to me now.

I saw you this evening, never expecting you to still be here.

The last time I saw you was before leaving for UTP, but even then we were already growing apart. We no longer had time for each other. I know it was my fault.

I remembered how much you helped me especially in the months before SPM. You were there each and every time I'm bored and needed company.

Yet I forgot you once the good time comes; when I no longer needed your attention.

I went as far as looking for another once I was at UTP.

I'm sorry, I truly am.

It would be better if I left you alone. Never knowing how you are now; but alas I couldn't help myself.

Curiosity killed the cat as they say.

Holding you today, made me remember all those times we spent with each other. When I wanted to escape from my world, and into yours.

Yet you did not reply me.

I gave up.

The years apart took you away from me.


This post is dedicated to you. May I always remember your contribution to me.







My made in China MP3 player. Take care.