21 July 2010

I swear to you this is one of my most annoying post

I'm surprised as to how I was able to remember all those stuff for exams during Form 5. I guess the education system really did bring out the best parts in me. As to what those parts are, it's yet to be determined.

Thats all I wanna say.

I realize that's more like a shout out then a blog post, but I really do need to update my blog. . . . so . . so . . So here I stand, And then again I say, I'm hopin' we can make some wishes outta airplaneS.

Oops, detracting from the original point of this post. But then again there isn't one. Don't you just hate me now.

See you all in UTP real soon! And for the rest, see you when I see you =)