21 September 2010

It's been 2 years!

Was looking back, and I realized that I have been blogging for over two years now! Never expected my blog to last this long. I started blogging to remind myself of all that is happening around me and to write down the things that has affected me the most. I have tried to stay true to this, but I must admit I did miss out on quite a number of things. Nevertheless, I will continue my effort. For this post, I'm going to countdown on the my top 5 best post ever!

Number 5:
I still remember watching this Heineken ad in the cinema last year. Made me LOL'ed. One of the most creative adverts ever =)

Number 4:
This was a poster I saw in UTP during my first year here. Things have changed a lot. Rakan Masjid has seriously changed for the better, kudos to them =) Again, this post is just for fun and no ill intentions are meant. It was a way for me to spend some of my free time doing other things besides Dota-ing during that period. Need to stimulate my creativity here in UTP to keep it alive you know.

Number 3:
Being a BIS student and taking a lot of business subjects, I find this a very fascinating question which was being asked by Leo Velski Julian. I don't remember how I come about to read on this, but I am glad I did. We really need to look at things from more than one point of view.

Number 2:
This was my first post! Hahaha. Still one of my favourites. And the only thing that remained is the number one, which is my Friends. UTP's toilet is getting dirtier ever year, and I stopped DoTA-ing already, so i can cancel those two out.

If you are new here and don't know who I am, reading this would help you a lot. Still makes me laugh everytime I read this. Owh, and for the 5th question in the above blog post, I'm receiving it a lot from my friends parents these days, not only my relatives.

Note: Winning posts are selected based on my personal opinion and has nothing to do with all of you. All decisions made are final.
For those of you wanting to read it all over again, you must have a lot of time or are really stressed out. But seriously, take time to read it if you can. No rush =)

14 September 2010


Imagine this...

1) Graduating with first class honours.

2) Applying for a Working Visa in a foreign country for 1 year.

3) Buy a return ticket, usable any time.

4) Reaching your destination, with only RM2000 in your pocket.

5) Finding any job you can do, just enough for you to live day by day.

6) Live and work there while experiencing their culture.

7) At the end of one year, apply for another working Visa in another country.

8) Repeat it all over again in another foreign place.

Sometimes I wish I don't have this Asian culture, whereby I need to have a sense of security all the time.

Let's take a leap of faith, in ourselves.