16 October 2010

My Weekend

Woke up on a Friday and went down Penang. Got a confirming a job offer. Took a back to Ipoh in the Friend picked me up from the bus station and brought me while I'm still in my Drank half a bottle of Got super Woke up on a Saturday morning in an unknown Took a long Went back to uni and continued my Woke up late afternoon and to Ipoh with my two best

Life is good.

12 October 2010

I love dogs, don't you?

Many people have commented on how fierce I look when I am studying or doing my work. Perhaps I don't really show that part of me outside my close circle of friends. So let me introduce to you all the three faces that I put on in different situations, not because I want to, but because I am what I am.

When I'm chatting online, people on the other side usually think that I look like this. Can't blame them since I'm kinda addicted to using "haha" and "LOL".

On the way to class, most people would ask me if I just woke up so I'm guessing my face looks like this on any other day.

When I'm concentrating on my work or studying, people say I look like this. GOT OR NOT!

Sigh...and all I wanted to be, is to look like this. If only those three parts of me combine to produce this, I would be very happy indeed.


10 October 2010


And I opted for a simpler, cleaner look. What do you think?