21 December 2010

wah, still reading my blog? tq tq

I wish I could record and save all my thoughts that I have before I sleep. Then 10 years down the road I can look back and laugh at all the silly thoughts and worries that I have now.

What scares me is that 10 years down the road I might look back and think my thoughts now are not stupid, and that I could have made a difference had I done it differently.

On a lighter note, I saw a middle aged couple making lame jokes and laughing out loud in a jammed packed LRT, with their teenage kids beside them. I wonder how their kids were feeling then. But then again, I guess it is kinda sweet to see a middle aged couple still able to make lame jokes in a crowded place, not to mention in front of their kids.

Til next time, chiao~~

16 December 2010

Random updates

I think if I don't start updating my blog, it's going to be abandoned very soon. But I'm not sure what to blog about. Seriously. Blank. It's not that I'm too busy to update, just not sure what to update about.

Life has been pretty awesome so far. In general of course. Looking back, I'm pretty lucky to have a great family, and so many great friends.

Christmas is around the corner, and I'll be celebrating it in Ipoh this year. Argh!!! I forgot to buy presents this year! (jots down in MUST DO LIST!)

Then going to South Korea for New Years celebration. Haven't completed my shopping list for Korea trip, but any inputs from you all are welcomed =)

I've missed Kuching, so if it goes according to plan, I will be going back to Kuching on 10th January. Still......there might be some chance that I will be going to work straight. Aihhh. I miss my grandma in Kuching.

Anyway, life now in Ipoh is pretty laid back and relaxed. I don't feel bored somehow, maybe because I'm occupying myself with some silly small stuffs. Will be going to KL tomorrow, to hang out with friends and then meeting with my dad and the whole family who is coming over.

Let me see, the travelling done and that will be done since my final paper.
UTP -> Ipoh -> KL -> Ipoh (Now) -> KL -> Seremban -> Ipoh -> KL -> Seoul -> KL -> Kuching -> KL.


The end of my update. Thank you for your precious 600 seconds.