08 December 2011


Today, I made a very deep and meaningful statement to my friend. Since I am such a good person (and to make sure it is copyrighted), I will share it all with you. Behold, the awesome comment/statement/speech via gtalk I made earlier.

"Life is meant to be lived, not to be prolonged extensively on this earth"
8 Dec 2011

Thanks for reading this short post. You may now curse me for wasting your 2 minutes.

11 October 2011

Sweet dreams...

Been having quite a few sweet dreams lately...

People think sweet dreams are awesome, but for me...to wake up and find yourself on your bed, realizing what u dreamt of isn't real...SUCKS REAL BAD.

The disappointment felt afterwards once the realization dawns upon you that you do not have what you have in your dream is just too much. Mental torture I tell you...

I wanna sleep and not dream. Urgh....

Signing off to bed now - 9.47pm. Goodnight and sweet dreams to all of you (smirks).

05 September 2011

Songs and Me

Day 1 -
(Listening to the song for the 1st time)
"Hey... this song is kinda cool."

Day 3 -
"OMG! It's this song again! Whats the name of this song?"
(Goes back and downloads it into my computer.)

Day 5 -
"How can anyone NOT like this song?! I'm never gonna get bored of this song! What awesome lyrics!"
(Playing it over and over again everyday for the next whole week while reading Dragon Ball.)

Day 14 -
"THIS song again? Urgh... Ok la. Can la... Not bad."

Day 30 -
(Outside shopping and suddenly the mall decides to play the song)
"OMG. Aren't you all BORED of this song?"
Day 956 -
"Wah! This song... Reminds me of the time when I was crazy about Dragon Ball."

You can replace reading Dragon Ball ... was crazy about Dragon Ball with the following:

1) studying for SPM ... was studying for my SPM exams.
2) chatting with XXX (anyone) ... was still close with XXX.
10) playing Sim Social (or any other game) ...was still playing Sims Social.

End all of the above with this:

"God I miss those days..."

15 August 2011

Discoveries made today: 15th August 2011

Dear all,

Today, I made three discoveries. Before getting into that, I'm warning you that this is one of those posts without any pictures in it, so if you don't like it just click on that tiny red 'X 'button on the top right.
--> Audience still reading: 60%

Okay, since people say sharing is caring, I decided to share with you all on the three discoveries I made today (and if you all care about me just as much as I care enough about you to start this sharing session, please click on my ads at sidebar to the right).
--> I just made like 5cents! WOOHOO!

Discovery NUMBER 1:
If you see Jason Anderson Raj playing shitty basketball, that means he hasn't gotten the confidence to play in that game yet. I realized I really need to build up my confidence before being able to play well (I can hear some of you snoring. Yeah, my 1st discovery is about myself, a little vain but you're on my blog/site. So what do you want me to do, blog about YOU?)
--> Audience still reading: 20%
--> Number of people that hate Jason: increased by 5.

Discovery NUMBER 2:
I JUST ONLY found out that going back using the LRT at around 7.30pm is freakin' awesome. There are empty seats literally everywhere! When else can you get a seat in the LRT coach going back to Wangsa Maju from KLCC (sure...I JUST FOUND IT OUT, at the 2nd week of puasa. Sorry for my slow discoveries. I swear if Lin Dan just beat Lee Chong Wei yesterday, I would only be finding it out tonight, earliest. Wait.. WHAT????)
--> Number of people that just called me lame (again): 10.

Discovery NUMBER 3:
I just found out that when I try to speak proper English, I suddenly have an accent. Just like that. Magic. (Yeah, don't laugh, you are all doing it as well, whether you realize it or not). I realized this when I was talking to another person after the basketball game. And that guy was a Chinese. And HE had an accent. Then something miraculous happened, during the end of conversation, he said the magic word. "ya LO".
That's when suddenly we both start to speak with the Malaysian+Chinese+English slang (which isn't too bad for him since he IS a Chinese. Me? People would just look at me weird.).
Anyway, that's when I realize that I have this habit and it isn't only me. FUUHHH.
--> People that now realize that they learn't nothing from my discoveries: 100%


23 June 2011


I do understand that certain things requires luck and for you to seize opportunity when you see it.
I do have a conscience.
Both of that combined... just sucks.

You saw an opportunity to progress, move into a better position.
You know you can have it.
You also know that others are dying to have it.
And 'others' include your close colleague.
And he deserves it more than you, waiting for it longer than you.
Yet you were the one that has the chance to seize it. Now.

Should you then proceed to make the decision and have the position to yourself, or give it up to your colleague. Leaving yourself behind.

p/s: People always tells you to grab opportunity. What they didn't tell you is that in the corporate world, you're most probably grabbing it from someone else.

22 June 2011

Unintended Consequences

Now that my mouse is wireless and the slim type, I have confused it with my handphone a couple of times already today. The fact that the size and colour is almost the same does not help.

Mouse vs. Handphone

Imagine this:

Scenario 1)
Imagine me picking up my mouse and holding it as if I'm going to sms, just to realize how weird I look right now.
Quickly looks around to make sure nobody saw me doing that.

Scenario 2)
Me touching my handphone on the table and dragging it like a mouse just to realize it's my phone.
Quickly checking my phone to make sure I didn't scratch hit (although there's already plenty of scratches everywhere)

p/s: Now that people can put watevershitalso inside handphones, perhaps it's time to make a handphone that works as a portable mouse as well.

15 June 2011

Freebies! Me cheapskate also.

Dear all,

Today, I’m quite free in the office and decided to blog (don’t give me that look, as if I’m ‘eating blind salary’ – makan gaji buta.

I’m just too efficient and I finish off all my work so fast that the rate of people giving me works is lower than the rate of me finishing my work.

(Rate of people giving work to Jason < Rate of Jason finishing off his work)

So here I am, blogging worthlessshitthatpeoplereadforgodknowswhy.

Today’s topic is “Why joining event committee in workplace is better than in uni"

1) You’ve got no choice when your boss tells you to join one. In uni you can always say “Screw you all, I’m going Ipoh.” In working life, you’re most probably the one being screwed if you don’t listen to your boss.

2) You get lots of allowances and claims. I'm almost 100% confident it’s confidential so I can’t reveal how much, but just so you know, it’s more than enough to make you smile.

3) Freebies! And much better than those cheapskate ones in uni. See some of the stuff I got for this one event recently.

Bag (okay la, this one quite standard)

Card reader. Leather lanyard holder? Pencil case? (very standard also)

8GB pendrive. Much nicer.

Show this free book for fun only. You all like pictures a lot right.

Laser pointer pen. Can be used to disturb colleagues when you're bored.

Solar charger for any phones. This one damn cool.
Now you can play your iPhone games under the hot sun without any worries.

A damn cool sleek-looking chrome wireless mouse.
This is by far the thing I was most looking forward to.

That’s it! Hope to get a free car next time I join any events.

Best Regards,

Jason Anderson Raj

31 May 2011

A short story of me during PIPE

1st day at PIPE...

Everyone was facing the paper writing down something.
I was talking to another Chinese guy there.

Another girl heard us talking and looked up. Stared at the both of us. Then she looked back at her own paper.

During the last few days of PIPE...

Girl tells me: The other day... 1st day of PIPE, when we were all at the table. I thought I heard two Chinese guys speaking to each other. When I looked up, I can only see one.

Me: -___-"

The End.

The moral of the story: I'm sleepy now (it's only 9pm!), hence I'm writing a stupid blog post just so that I will not sleep so early and feel so old later on.

30 May 2011

I do not have the time to think of a creative title for this shit

If you remembered, I once blogged about the Three (3) Stages in Life. Okay, it was originally named the Three Stupid Stages in Life...but now it doesn't seem so stupid. More like a FREAKIN' CURSE. Shit larrr... (say the "shit larrr" in the most Chinese accent possible, thats how I say it.)

Just so you remember, the 3 stages are as per below:

Teen age:
Have Time + Energy ...but No Money
--> Been there done that.

Working Age:
Have Money + Energy ...but No Time --> Walaaa~ Here I am.

Old age:
Have Time + Money ...but no Energy

Now got (a bit more) money and wanna go travel also no time. Damn it. Wanna go back Kuching for Rainforest also scared wanna ask boss for leave. Always like so busy one. (another sentence you can imagine me saying in a Chinese accent.)

Another thing, it's even worse when you start working and your friends are broke and still studying. knnccb! --> This word I have never actually said it, not because I'm holy and shit, but because it's too long and I'm afraid I might say it wrongly and all my friends would then repeat the wrong word that I just said for like a millennia.

Okay, thats just some ramblings for now as I do not have any idea on what to blog about, and I'm not going to allow my blog to die (just yet).

21 April 2011

1Malaysia Email - My Side - Let me be supportive this ONE time.

It's a rare occasion when I write posts with a more serious tone. This would be one of those time.

I was like the rest when I heard of the 1Malaysia Email. Dumbstruck at how the government can think up of these things. I'm pretty sure the people we elect cant be more dumb than us (OR CAN THEY?)

Anyway, after reading more, I do realize that I was a matter of presentation and information disbursement rather of the idea itself that was at fault.

Imagine a portal that lets you to check your income tax assessment, driving license renewal, quit rent reminders, Employee Provident Fund statements and notices of summons. That might just be the beginning with more important information distribution through the portal later on (which you log in using the e-mail that you have been provided with for security purposes). As part of the new generation that has just started work, I myself find this very convenient as I'm starting out in the real world here with zero knowledge on income tax, EPF, quit rent, and whatever else shit that I need to know about. Btw, I'm not sure if they will be making a portal or just the e-mail service, as the information out there is rather mixed up right now.

Of course, this service must come with the ability to provide secured authentication to ensure the sensitive information is not being accessed by a third party as well as secured connection with data encryption.

As Tricubes (the company that will be responsible for this project) and Microsoft will be will be working together to ensure the data security and encryption, I will keep the judgement for the ability to provide a secure connection to a later point in time. For now, they are promising that the government will not be able to monitor the users.

There are a lot of valid points that people has mentioned about the flaws of this idea. Not to mention how the government quickly changed a lot of the statements that they earlier made about the project. However I just want to look at this from the positive side for now, as I'm sure there are more than enough negative points of view and criticism out there.

HOWEVER, my main point here is this...


as a headline is much better than


God bless those dumb bastards that decided to use the latter one.

14 March 2011


While I can still sit in front of my laptop doing nothing, let me try to resurrect my dying blog. I'm a busy guy, so just be thankful I'm still updating my blogs all you (fictional) readers out there.

As most of you know, I started my work in Intel last month. It was definitely a great beginning. Getting to make new friends, exploring Penang (in search of food mostly), and just going to work. Then one fine day... BOOM! Letter reached my home in Kuching, saying I have to report duty to PETRONAS. Luckily I will be stationed in KLCC. So here I am now getting ready to leave for KL, leaving my short lived life as a programmer in Penang. Not that I did any real work yet, but still I loved the people there.

I was thinking a lot about the changes in culture between these two companies. How it affects my life, especially in the long term. Anyways just for fun, I googled up a few images that would hopefully help you to understand the changes that I will be facing.

From To






AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.....................................................


But of course this all hypothetical. Let's wait and see.

13 February 2011


Is it weird if I said I can't wait for Monday work?

p/s: Friday and Saturday was awesome and filling. Tomorrow will most probably be the same. Don't forget my face once it gets rounder.

08 February 2011

Of shoes and girlfriends

Just thought of another conversation I had a couple of weeks ago.

Background: I came inside the room. Looked at my friend's new Nike shoes.

Me: Buy new shoes AGAIN?

XX: Yup. (Proud face)

Me: You change your shoes like you change your girlfriends. (Looks at him with a lame face)

XX: You like old stuffs meh? If you like old things I can give you my old girlfriends.

Me: -_-"

22 January 2011

Life after undergrad studies

I know I'm not the typical blogger that updates my blog very often, and I do apologise for that. It's just hard these days to bring myself to sit and type something in front of the computer.
Moral of the story: Lucky for me I didn't went into journalism.

Went to South Korea, had a great time there. I'm just too lazy to blog about it, rather keep it for chit chat sessions. Somehow the thought of typing a very long post describing a trip these days makes me feel like... lying down and sleeping. Quite the irony, since the main reason for me to start blogging is to capture all my feelings and experience which I would want to reminisce upon in the future. I guess the couple of hundred photos taken during the trip would have to compensate for my laziness.
Moral of the story: Thank God for friends with cameras.

Gone for interview in couple of companies, which made me travel forth between KL and Ipoh so very often. Back in Kuching now, with nothing much to do. I'm trying to savour every last minute of the time here before going back to KL and then Ipoh next week. Just spending as much time with family as possible. Not sure when will I be coming back to Kuching, but I do hope to come back next year for CNY. Been way too long since I celebrated it.
Moral of the story: I'm poor because I haven't received 'ang pow' in a long time

Owh, and I realized something. I think my dad like to *manja* my kid bro a lot. Which he does by the way. But then it got me thinking... and I realized that he treated me kind of the same. Means I'm a product of *kena manja* by him. And all this while I thought I was being a good son, and also an independent person. Demmit. At least I hope my kid bro grows up to be like me or better. I would hate to see him grow up bring a spoilt brat. Wait, am I a spoilt brat? (thinks hard...)
Moral of the story: None. Shuddup.

Moral of the blog post: I'm bored. PM me.