22 January 2011

Life after undergrad studies

I know I'm not the typical blogger that updates my blog very often, and I do apologise for that. It's just hard these days to bring myself to sit and type something in front of the computer.
Moral of the story: Lucky for me I didn't went into journalism.

Went to South Korea, had a great time there. I'm just too lazy to blog about it, rather keep it for chit chat sessions. Somehow the thought of typing a very long post describing a trip these days makes me feel like... lying down and sleeping. Quite the irony, since the main reason for me to start blogging is to capture all my feelings and experience which I would want to reminisce upon in the future. I guess the couple of hundred photos taken during the trip would have to compensate for my laziness.
Moral of the story: Thank God for friends with cameras.

Gone for interview in couple of companies, which made me travel forth between KL and Ipoh so very often. Back in Kuching now, with nothing much to do. I'm trying to savour every last minute of the time here before going back to KL and then Ipoh next week. Just spending as much time with family as possible. Not sure when will I be coming back to Kuching, but I do hope to come back next year for CNY. Been way too long since I celebrated it.
Moral of the story: I'm poor because I haven't received 'ang pow' in a long time

Owh, and I realized something. I think my dad like to *manja* my kid bro a lot. Which he does by the way. But then it got me thinking... and I realized that he treated me kind of the same. Means I'm a product of *kena manja* by him. And all this while I thought I was being a good son, and also an independent person. Demmit. At least I hope my kid bro grows up to be like me or better. I would hate to see him grow up bring a spoilt brat. Wait, am I a spoilt brat? (thinks hard...)
Moral of the story: None. Shuddup.

Moral of the blog post: I'm bored. PM me.