21 April 2011

1Malaysia Email - My Side - Let me be supportive this ONE time.

It's a rare occasion when I write posts with a more serious tone. This would be one of those time.

I was like the rest when I heard of the 1Malaysia Email. Dumbstruck at how the government can think up of these things. I'm pretty sure the people we elect cant be more dumb than us (OR CAN THEY?)

Anyway, after reading more, I do realize that I was a matter of presentation and information disbursement rather of the idea itself that was at fault.

Imagine a portal that lets you to check your income tax assessment, driving license renewal, quit rent reminders, Employee Provident Fund statements and notices of summons. That might just be the beginning with more important information distribution through the portal later on (which you log in using the e-mail that you have been provided with for security purposes). As part of the new generation that has just started work, I myself find this very convenient as I'm starting out in the real world here with zero knowledge on income tax, EPF, quit rent, and whatever else shit that I need to know about. Btw, I'm not sure if they will be making a portal or just the e-mail service, as the information out there is rather mixed up right now.

Of course, this service must come with the ability to provide secured authentication to ensure the sensitive information is not being accessed by a third party as well as secured connection with data encryption.

As Tricubes (the company that will be responsible for this project) and Microsoft will be will be working together to ensure the data security and encryption, I will keep the judgement for the ability to provide a secure connection to a later point in time. For now, they are promising that the government will not be able to monitor the users.

There are a lot of valid points that people has mentioned about the flaws of this idea. Not to mention how the government quickly changed a lot of the statements that they earlier made about the project. However I just want to look at this from the positive side for now, as I'm sure there are more than enough negative points of view and criticism out there.

HOWEVER, my main point here is this...


as a headline is much better than


God bless those dumb bastards that decided to use the latter one.