31 May 2011

A short story of me during PIPE

1st day at PIPE...

Everyone was facing the paper writing down something.
I was talking to another Chinese guy there.

Another girl heard us talking and looked up. Stared at the both of us. Then she looked back at her own paper.

During the last few days of PIPE...

Girl tells me: The other day... 1st day of PIPE, when we were all at the table. I thought I heard two Chinese guys speaking to each other. When I looked up, I can only see one.

Me: -___-"

The End.

The moral of the story: I'm sleepy now (it's only 9pm!), hence I'm writing a stupid blog post just so that I will not sleep so early and feel so old later on.

30 May 2011

I do not have the time to think of a creative title for this shit

If you remembered, I once blogged about the Three (3) Stages in Life. Okay, it was originally named the Three Stupid Stages in Life...but now it doesn't seem so stupid. More like a FREAKIN' CURSE. Shit larrr... (say the "shit larrr" in the most Chinese accent possible, thats how I say it.)

Just so you remember, the 3 stages are as per below:

Teen age:
Have Time + Energy ...but No Money
--> Been there done that.

Working Age:
Have Money + Energy ...but No Time --> Walaaa~ Here I am.

Old age:
Have Time + Money ...but no Energy

Now got (a bit more) money and wanna go travel also no time. Damn it. Wanna go back Kuching for Rainforest also scared wanna ask boss for leave. Always like so busy one. (another sentence you can imagine me saying in a Chinese accent.)

Another thing, it's even worse when you start working and your friends are broke and still studying. knnccb! --> This word I have never actually said it, not because I'm holy and shit, but because it's too long and I'm afraid I might say it wrongly and all my friends would then repeat the wrong word that I just said for like a millennia.

Okay, thats just some ramblings for now as I do not have any idea on what to blog about, and I'm not going to allow my blog to die (just yet).