23 June 2011


I do understand that certain things requires luck and for you to seize opportunity when you see it.
I do have a conscience.
Both of that combined... just sucks.

You saw an opportunity to progress, move into a better position.
You know you can have it.
You also know that others are dying to have it.
And 'others' include your close colleague.
And he deserves it more than you, waiting for it longer than you.
Yet you were the one that has the chance to seize it. Now.

Should you then proceed to make the decision and have the position to yourself, or give it up to your colleague. Leaving yourself behind.

p/s: People always tells you to grab opportunity. What they didn't tell you is that in the corporate world, you're most probably grabbing it from someone else.

22 June 2011

Unintended Consequences

Now that my mouse is wireless and the slim type, I have confused it with my handphone a couple of times already today. The fact that the size and colour is almost the same does not help.

Mouse vs. Handphone

Imagine this:

Scenario 1)
Imagine me picking up my mouse and holding it as if I'm going to sms, just to realize how weird I look right now.
Quickly looks around to make sure nobody saw me doing that.

Scenario 2)
Me touching my handphone on the table and dragging it like a mouse just to realize it's my phone.
Quickly checking my phone to make sure I didn't scratch hit (although there's already plenty of scratches everywhere)

p/s: Now that people can put watevershitalso inside handphones, perhaps it's time to make a handphone that works as a portable mouse as well.

15 June 2011

Freebies! Me cheapskate also.

Dear all,

Today, I’m quite free in the office and decided to blog (don’t give me that look, as if I’m ‘eating blind salary’ – makan gaji buta.

I’m just too efficient and I finish off all my work so fast that the rate of people giving me works is lower than the rate of me finishing my work.

(Rate of people giving work to Jason < Rate of Jason finishing off his work)

So here I am, blogging worthlessshitthatpeoplereadforgodknowswhy.

Today’s topic is “Why joining event committee in workplace is better than in uni"

1) You’ve got no choice when your boss tells you to join one. In uni you can always say “Screw you all, I’m going Ipoh.” In working life, you’re most probably the one being screwed if you don’t listen to your boss.

2) You get lots of allowances and claims. I'm almost 100% confident it’s confidential so I can’t reveal how much, but just so you know, it’s more than enough to make you smile.

3) Freebies! And much better than those cheapskate ones in uni. See some of the stuff I got for this one event recently.

Bag (okay la, this one quite standard)

Card reader. Leather lanyard holder? Pencil case? (very standard also)

8GB pendrive. Much nicer.

Show this free book for fun only. You all like pictures a lot right.

Laser pointer pen. Can be used to disturb colleagues when you're bored.

Solar charger for any phones. This one damn cool.
Now you can play your iPhone games under the hot sun without any worries.

A damn cool sleek-looking chrome wireless mouse.
This is by far the thing I was most looking forward to.

That’s it! Hope to get a free car next time I join any events.

Best Regards,

Jason Anderson Raj