15 August 2011

Discoveries made today: 15th August 2011

Dear all,

Today, I made three discoveries. Before getting into that, I'm warning you that this is one of those posts without any pictures in it, so if you don't like it just click on that tiny red 'X 'button on the top right.
--> Audience still reading: 60%

Okay, since people say sharing is caring, I decided to share with you all on the three discoveries I made today (and if you all care about me just as much as I care enough about you to start this sharing session, please click on my ads at sidebar to the right).
--> I just made like 5cents! WOOHOO!

Discovery NUMBER 1:
If you see Jason Anderson Raj playing shitty basketball, that means he hasn't gotten the confidence to play in that game yet. I realized I really need to build up my confidence before being able to play well (I can hear some of you snoring. Yeah, my 1st discovery is about myself, a little vain but you're on my blog/site. So what do you want me to do, blog about YOU?)
--> Audience still reading: 20%
--> Number of people that hate Jason: increased by 5.

Discovery NUMBER 2:
I JUST ONLY found out that going back using the LRT at around 7.30pm is freakin' awesome. There are empty seats literally everywhere! When else can you get a seat in the LRT coach going back to Wangsa Maju from KLCC (sure...I JUST FOUND IT OUT, at the 2nd week of puasa. Sorry for my slow discoveries. I swear if Lin Dan just beat Lee Chong Wei yesterday, I would only be finding it out tonight, earliest. Wait.. WHAT????)
--> Number of people that just called me lame (again): 10.

Discovery NUMBER 3:
I just found out that when I try to speak proper English, I suddenly have an accent. Just like that. Magic. (Yeah, don't laugh, you are all doing it as well, whether you realize it or not). I realized this when I was talking to another person after the basketball game. And that guy was a Chinese. And HE had an accent. Then something miraculous happened, during the end of conversation, he said the magic word. "ya LO".
That's when suddenly we both start to speak with the Malaysian+Chinese+English slang (which isn't too bad for him since he IS a Chinese. Me? People would just look at me weird.).
Anyway, that's when I realize that I have this habit and it isn't only me. FUUHHH.
--> People that now realize that they learn't nothing from my discoveries: 100%