05 September 2011

Songs and Me

Day 1 -
(Listening to the song for the 1st time)
"Hey... this song is kinda cool."

Day 3 -
"OMG! It's this song again! Whats the name of this song?"
(Goes back and downloads it into my computer.)

Day 5 -
"How can anyone NOT like this song?! I'm never gonna get bored of this song! What awesome lyrics!"
(Playing it over and over again everyday for the next whole week while reading Dragon Ball.)

Day 14 -
"THIS song again? Urgh... Ok la. Can la... Not bad."

Day 30 -
(Outside shopping and suddenly the mall decides to play the song)
"OMG. Aren't you all BORED of this song?"
Day 956 -
"Wah! This song... Reminds me of the time when I was crazy about Dragon Ball."

You can replace reading Dragon Ball ... was crazy about Dragon Ball with the following:

1) studying for SPM ... was studying for my SPM exams.
2) chatting with XXX (anyone) ... was still close with XXX.
10) playing Sim Social (or any other game) ...was still playing Sims Social.

End all of the above with this:

"God I miss those days..."