02 July 2012

Conversation of the day - A direct boss

Boss X: Hey, what car do you drive by the way?

Employee X: A Wira....

Boss X: Wah, how old is it?

Employee X: 18 years old. Why?

Boss X: You no girlfriend is it?

Employee X: Got ah... WHY?

Boss X: You better fucking marry her man.

Now that's a direct boss for you. 

20 June 2012

Random updates on my life now.

Dear all,

I'm not sure if anyone will be reading this as I have been shying away from blogging for quite some time. Still, good to know I still have a place to go to to publish my thoughts and to share things of no concern to anyone else (especially on nights that I can't sleep due to caffeine intake in the evening). 

Just to update on my life, I've gotten the transfer I wanted (albeit a little late), bought an aircond, and finally gotten that IKEA shelf I've always wanted. Housemates are terrific, and the current place is suiting me well. Making new friends and acquaintances along the way, but then again this is just part of growing up I would guess.  Life is good so far, and I'm hoping things will continue to improve.

Trying my best to go to church (jaw dropping revelation right?),  trying to keep my parents in mind when they are so far away, and trying to exercise more is definitely challenging. Still, so far so good in this department.

I guess nothing is perfect, and I'm definitely struggling to save money - but hey, youth only comes once, don't let it pass you by. Wish to maintain the friendship I had with all my uni mates, but with the exception of a few, it's been a challenge. My facial hair is growing faster, so now I've got to shave at least once every 2 days, and this is getting annoying! ARGH!

Anyways, I would like to thank you for taking your time to read updates from my life which you might have no interest at all.

Thanks and Best Regards,

24 Years Old,
Selling Stuff ( mostly Harmful Chemicals that will ruin your health but you will still use it cause it's cheap and the alternatives might even be worse),
Mobile no: Just changed. 

06 January 2012

Relationship Status - Movie Review

I am not a movie reviewer, and this would be my first time reviewing a movie on my blog. I must also admit I'm not a very big fan of Malaysian movies. However, Relationship Status is definitely a movie worth watching. IMHO, this would be the best Malaysian movie I have watched so far.

Before you watch this movie with high expectations, please note that this isn't one of those movies with big budgets with an epic, grand scale. It is definitely one of the low budget movies, but a very good one I must add. Also beware of shaky scenes, close up and weird camera angles due to they way it was shot. Those of you that got a headache after watching Quarantine (if you remember that movie), might get one here as well, although it wont be as bad as Quarantine or the Blair Witch Project. However, on a more personal note, I feel that the way the movie was shot add to the realism of the movie, albeit making it a little more like a documentary.

As the title hints to us, this is a movie on how social networking sites (Facebook mainly - duhh) affect the the relationship we have (mainly with our plus one). Although more centered around a young couple, it also involves couples that are going through a proposal, divorce, and also a widow.

Although this is a common theme which many has touched on recently, this movie managed to pull it off with the help of a good set of cast (I'm sure the girls will fall for Gavin Yap - CONFIRM).

Perhaps why I liked this movie so much is maybe because I can relate to it. Some of the locations in which the movie was shot will be familiar to those living in KL, giving it a more personal touch. The movie is definitely more attuned to young urban people while not totally ignoring the older generations as well (hence the role of Susan Lankester; the widow, which she played brilliantly).

One downside I have to mention here (since my friend complained a lot about it) is that the pregnant lady's fake baby bump was very fake. Besides that, some lines are pretty cheesy (personal opinion). Well to be fair, we do say a lot of cheesy stuff in real life which we may not realize ^^

I will not want to spoil the movie any more for you, and I doubt I can tell the story well enough here for you to judge it fairly. It's good enough for me to mention that this is definitely a must watch movie, be it Malaysian made or not.

Rating? 8.5 / 10. -A very high one from me. Maybe I'm just being more nice since it's a local movie. Judge it for yourself =)